I am not a talent agent or a modeling agent like Karon Shea might think

I find it very funny that Karon Shea of Karon Shea Model Management and her staff our claiming that I am affiliated with a competitor that is trying to slander their good name. For the record I was a potential client that went to a cattle call of theirs. John wood told the group of us to check them out, so I did. I posted a simple posting on Craig's List asking for information regarding Karon Shea Model Management. I received many responses to my postings and felt the public had a right to know about what other people had experienced when dealing with John wood and Karon Shay at Karon Shay Model Management. I am not in the industry or related to any modeling agency. I am not signed with any industry in Massachusetts or in the continental US. I'm just trying to live the dream. Ironically Karon Shea sits on the Licesensing board for the city of Worcester, The Board of directors of the Hanover Theater, and a few others. It is my goal to inform you on the information I have received from other people that have dealt with this organization. I believe that they are scared and are once again thinking of changing their name. They are located at 65 Water Street in Worcester Mass. They have changed their name 3 times in the past. I would ask them why!!! The truth is I am not stating that you stay away from this organization I am just saying BUYER BEWARE! They violated the law in the past by posting false ads on Craig's List, God only knows what else they have done to the unsuspecting. I have emailed them several times to respond to anything that they find untrue yet I get no response. I have asked several times on various postings on Craig's List for positive feed back and I get no response. For the record I work in sales for a dot com. I'm pissed because they tried to pressure me to get my money. All I was, was a commission to John Wood and Karon Shay. By the way one source tells me that the 800 dollars they charge for pictures gets split up between the 3 of them. Check out what I am saying and then you be the judge! FYI my picture is up on my web site I am not hiding and I am not afraid to speak the truth on what I have found



Anonymous said...

Karon has nothing to do with which models are picked. and you do have the option to pick your own photographer, grow some and speak up! John wood picks the models (some I couldn’t believe would ever think they could be models) so if you have complaints, complain about john. Karon hires people to run her business, that’s the life of a business owner; john must have a different taste in what a model is apparently. Clients pick models, if you don’t get a job in 2 months as an inexperienced model, that’s life. It’s the modeling industry, your not going to become a super model over night unless your 5'9" + and under 120 lbs.

The Renegade Blogger said...

Thanks for your posting, the fact of the matter is I have a nice set. Thank you! The buck has to stop with Karon because it is her agency.They hold open casting calls for everything from movies to print work. It has been clearly stated by John that you have to use Richard Bertone. The point that you don't realize is that they split the 800 dollar fee up 3 ways which is approximately 267 a piece. Not only have I spoken up but if you read all the comments that I have posted you will clearly see a common thread among all the postings! And these people have spoken up as well. This is also not about being a model. John makes his living making people believe they have a shot when he damn knows he doesn't. You said it your self (some I couldn't believe would ever think they could be models) The reason is that they were willing to fork over 800 dollars. You also stated that well Karon is the business owner, Her business is not that big where she shouldn't have a handle on what her employees have going on. I started this Blog to inform people of the business practices that are going on. For the record I specifically asked John if I could use another photographer he said No! Also the big clue for me that this was a scam is when I asked him if he would take my credit card. He then proceeded to tell me some bullshit about the reason he cant take credit cards and taking he would if he could but its a complicated system that he really didn't understand. What John didn't know was I have worked for a subsidiary of Visa. It was then I knew he was just lying to me. If a credit card was used the consumer would have recourse. Once again if you truly read all the postings you would have realized that this has nothing to do with being an unemployed model with their agency, this has something to do their business practices.

Anonymous said...

Well if you think about it john has only been with Karon Shea for a little while. Karon has been is business over 25 years. Think about it? your blog brought this matter to attention and MAYBE it just might be or has been taken care of. and if you really think about it you will realize who might be at fault

The Renegade Blogger said...

Actually John has been with Karon for a couple of years now! I have thought about it, John Wood has been a large source of Karons bread and butter. I have to wonder what she thought when she was depositing her cut from the 800 dollar fee. Thank you again for posting but the buck has to stop somewhere. Karon works hand in hand on these events. She would be guilty by default.

The Renegade Blogger said...

So are you saying that Karon Shea has no clue about the business practices of John Wood.
And that she is completely not responsible for the actions of her employees. That John Wood also acts independently without direction from Karon Shea! In regards you are defending Karon but not John. Is that correct.What would you say to all the postings from people that they have been misled or lied to by John Wood of KARON SHEY MODEL MANAGEMENT OF 65 WATER STREET WORCESTER MASS.

Anonymous said...

I am finding this all very interesting that someone is obviously trying to protect Karon here. It is Karon's business, she has a say in everything. If John was bringing in people that were not qualified to be models, Karon should be doing something about that. Karon sees everyone at some point, since she picks the pictures for the comp cards. As you have both stated many people should not be there, if Karon cared about the models and not the money wouldn't she have put a stop to this. Nope!!!
Also, what noone has pointed out when discussing if Karon has any responsibility in this and knowledge of it, Karon used to be a one woman show and have a one room office until John came along and surprise,,,she can all of a sudden support a bigger office and staff. Yeah, she has no knowledge and didn't benefit from the scam!

The Renegade Blogger said...

one more thought, just because you may have cleaned up the crime scene does not mean that the crime was not committed.

Further more regardless of who is at fault when a hearing is held Karon will be the one responding to many of the allegations that will be presented.Not John. John represented Karon, Karon owns the company.

Anonymous said...

Well, as Marc says, he isn't in the business or connected to the business. He must not, as he doesn't realize $800 is relatively good for headshots.

Some people complain about the agency, when in fact they should go take some classes and actually learn about the field they're trying to break in to. There are 200,000 actors in LA, and many of them don't have jobs or agents because they're not good.

Its your choice to be represented. Don't be surprised when you find you have to put some work into your career.

Anonymous said...

And as a follow up, I'm actually signed with a competitor. I paid 800 for my awesome headshots, and they've already gotten me work (both the agency and the headshots). If someone has a problem with HOW they're represented, that's one thing, but calling it a scam is, in fact, libel.

Like any other business, you have to spend money to make money.

The Renegade Blogger said...
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The Renegade Blogger said...

I guess the point I am trying to make is this the 800 dollars is not going to pictures 2/3 of that money are going to Karon and John Wood and according to the BBB, In mass a agent's job is to get their clients work,for that they make 10%
I have checked A good photographer does not have to put his name on the head shots like Richard Bertone does, in essence he gets free advertising.I have checked around Mass and Rhode Island and the price of the pics is actually a bit higher than other pics from other established photographers.

The pictures total cost are 265.00 and the rest goes to Karon and John, The fact of the matter is that Karen and John made a lot of money on the dreans of people. Richard Bertone is not the B ALL END ALL of photographers. The fact of the matter is that if you have 800 dollars Karon Shea Model Management will take your money. Do you get pictures yes Is Karon and John actually trying to get people work and truly acting in their clients best intrest maybe maybe not. The fact of the matter is John Wood tried to scam me out of 800 dollars so he could get his cut and many other people felt the same way as I did and do. Yea I guess I would agree with you 800 dollars is not a bad price to pay for head shots, If your Karon, John or Richard. Put it this way John says it the best, He wouldnt make money unless he got us work. Well John here is an idea. Let people choose to use any photographer they want to for their head shots then actualy try and earn your 10%. I found it funny when I asked to see a portfolio of the work he got for his clients. The only thing John could show me was a tattered, yellowed newspaper clipping, it wasnt even framed. A friend of mine actually asked John If his friend could shoot his pictures, (his friend by the way is a professional photographer who lives in New York and shoots for a rather large fasion magizine.) John said no...I wonder why! John and Karon wouldnt get there cut! The truth is John spends more time on that fake looking tan then he does actually working. I have to wonder if John has ever earned an honest days pay. John exzemplifies all that is wrong with this industry in my opinion; Yet the buck still stops with Karon Shea the owner.She hired him!!!!

Yes there are alot of out of work actors in LA WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT LA. THISIS WORCESTER. I HAVE RELATIVLY NO EXPERIENCE, NO ACTING LESSONS ETC. YET John Wood was ready to sign me, well that was until I would not give him 800 dollars. Why is that??? Oh thats right he must have saw something in me. The fact is if John was as good as he thinks or pretends to be why isnt he where the work is, Chicago, New York, LA. John Choose Worcester Ma! Yes one day Boston might stack up there with the other cities but I think John was trying to make a fast buck!

Kyle said...

Just because Boston "isn't LA" doesn't mean you should expect it to be a less professional community. Headshots in LA and NYC can range from 600-1500 bucks, depending on how good the photographer is, what their

Karon Shea's photographer is hired from NYC. I would love to see the data you have to support your claim that the headshots are only worth 265 - because I'd like to know if that is true. You gotta remember, that $800 includes 1.) Photographer's time (labor), including any travel, 2.) Wardrobe and/or makeup, 3.) Developing and Printing, 4.) and yes, probably no more than 10% "finder's fee" for the agency - but believe me, in LA you're not going to pay less than 1000 bucks for headshots. And remember, these are QUALITY headshots. That picture on the front of your website isn't a professional quality headshot.

And that's just it. These agencies take people who say they want a career in acting and modeling. They try to push you professionally. You can't then say "I'm just a Boston guy" and then be shocked when you have to act professional.

There's just one simple reason you need the headshots: because there is no other better way to promote you to casting directors. Simple as that. And that's why they want professional headshots - because if you don't make a good first impression, there are thousands of other people out there who will.

In this field, great headshots followed by good representation and a talent who is willing to WORK and get better for the career is what makes the difference, in Boston and in LA.

Anonymous said...

I responded to their ad on Craigslist, and as soon as I arrived it felt bad. It felt like a scam. I never met Karen and can't say anything about her, but I believe she knows what goes on in her little company.
John on the other hand is so full of Sh*t. I'm from LA, I've been in the film business a long time. He's BIG on himself and a great salesman, but I wouldn't suggest anybody I like to go see him for representation.

staff @ KSMM said...

About Richard. He does work in NYC and for fashion house. please check out his work http://www.myspace.com/richardbertonephoto.
Karon is taking care of John. karon is picking out models herself with private one on one appts. any questions info@ksmmonline.com

Anonymous said...

I find that kind of funny coming from the staff at Karon Shea. Why are you defending him?? 2 months back I had a photo shoot with Richard Bertone and he did nothing but bad mouth Karon Shea and talk about what a joke she and her agency were. He obviously has no respect for Karon Shea. Its obvious he's just raking in the money from them otherwise why would he continue to work with someone that he blatantly dislikes. Where is his website? What reputable business doesn't at least have a website in this day and age. Anyone can have a myspace acct. Why is Richard in Hudson, MA. and not NYC or at least Boston? Whats Fashion House?

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of getting my affairs in order with a law firm here in Boston. Why? Well, unfortunately, I am one of those who paid the 800 bucks because I had the "look." As soon as I did so, I realized that I was being scammed and called and asked for my money back. I got nothing in return. I called again and talked to no one but the receptionist. I finally received a call from Jon and after giving me some bull about what the contract said, he told me to call that Monday and I would get my money back. What did I get when I called on Monday? An answering machine and since then, I have not received a call since.

Since my last call, I have sent an email alert to the contact person, Hayley, stating that I was pursuing the matter with a law firm my sister works with. Again, nothing.

I find it funny that I came across this site today, as I am about to call Karen Shea today to give them the law firm's fax number. I am very much looking forward to hearing if they respond after that.

I don't want to drag this out any longer than it has to, I just want my money back. I never set up an appointment with their "photographer," I never received any services from them. Yet, they cashed my check right away. If they want to make this difficult, then so be it, let's go to court. I have a feeling people with similar stories to mine will be happy to join in.

Anonymous said...

And no, $800 is a TERRIBLE price for head shots. Anyone who pays that much is getting milked.