Karon Shea and John Wood Cut Ties

I just received this posting from Karon Shea and I think it is important to read. Following this posting you can read my comments that I replied

Karon Shea has left a new comment on your post "I received this email fron John Wood Tonight":

From Karon Shea:

1) John Wood is no longer affiliated with Karon Shea Model Management. He does not work with or for my company. He also does not represent my company.
2) Our address may have changed on a few occasions in our 20+ year history, but the name of our business has stayed the same. The agency "Karon Shea Model Management" was created as the firm represents women and men. LaFemmina (the school) means "the woman" and would obviously not be appropriate to carry that name to an agency that represents women and men.
3) If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding their business with my company they are invited to call me at the following: Karon Shea 508-755-0662

My response to Karon

Thank you Karon for your comment, I am glad that he no longer works for your agency. If you fired him you did the right thing. The best thing you could have done is to cut ties with him.This is the best news that I have heard and I know people are going to be very happy. Just so you know when he offered me a contract and had asked me to give him a check made out to him. It seems that if you read the blog the majority of posting were about John Wood. Unfortunately for you he was affiliated with your company.

John Wood, In my opinion and others scammed a lot of people. I also believe that he would throw you under the Bus in a moments notice. Prior to my second interview with John, I called Richard Bertone and he did nothing but Bad mouth you and John. I think that you do a lot of great work outside your organization for good causes and that is very honorable. I had to post that email that John sent me because I knew you would see it. Thank you for posting again and I hope now your company can prosper by doing the right thing.

If there is anything else that you would like people to know please keep posting. It is truly amazing what the power of the internet can do.

You see this proves my point John claims he works with Karon Shea, Karon says he doesn't! SOMEONE IS LYING AND I BELIEVE IT IS JOHN WOOD but why would you expect anything different from a man that has made an unbelievable income profiting off of the dreams of people just wanting to make it

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Anonymous said...

Thats great that Karon Shea is finally responding. I can't say that I applaud her as much as Mr. Reece did though. She knew what he was doing and how he was operating. When I went to my open call she was there and spoke to us all.
Lets see how she addresses these issues that she welcomes people to call her about. I contacted her last Oct. to end my contract and get my comp cards. I have yet to receive them. Haley keeps giving me excuses.
Then I was on set yesterday with a guy (got the job through Boston Casting) who did a promo for them back in Dec. and still hasn't gotten paid. WTF!!! A few other people overheard us talking and also added that they had done things in the past for Karon Shea that took them a year sometimes 2 to get paid. What has John Wood been stealing all the job money also? Sounds just like completely shady dealings by everyone at that agency.