Beware of a man named John and Cinderella Modeling Agency in Manchester New Hampshire

I love getting emails like this. If you go see John at Cinderella Modeling Agency in Manchester New Hampshire hold on tight to your check book, you have exactly what he is looking for 795 dollars. He didn't even change his pitch! The owner is also fully aware of the scam everybody makes out except you!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for you blog. You just saved me an investment of 795 in comp cards, when I don't even have that money to spend.

Last week I drove all the way up to Manchester to Cinderella Agency to see John (he never gave his last name) with cell phone number starting with 978. I had answered a "CASTING" ad on craigslist...

The ad read:

"We are currently holding open casting calls for feature film to be filmed in the Boston area.

We have over 100 small supporting roles and bit parts and would like to cast
local actors and non-actors.

We are seeking people of all ages, ethnicities, genders.

No acting experience necessary!

Please include the following information:

Phone Number:
Picture if possible

Casting other films as well."

Well, the scam played out almost exactly as already documented. (I wish I had read this earlier or I'd have been spared the hour-plus road trip.) There were only 12 of us there or so, but he said we were lucky because there had just been 500 there the week before. I agree that he was quite charismatic. He talked about how he'd been out in L.A. for 20 years, but now was the place to be. Boston is, as he noted, "Hollywood East". He hates that cold weather here, but this is the place where all the money is. etc. Same spiel as already noted and then some. I won't go through it again. Ultimately, he tells us that he will let each one of us know within the week if he is interested in us. And then he says not to feel bad if we don't hear back at all, but that he only selects those who he knows will be able to work in the film industry. (Note: he never actually tells us which feature films he is casting for.)

Then of course, I heard back from him the right day. It turns out that I have what he's looking for but I must pay 795 to get comp cards... and website is indeed a myspace account for Studio 8. Sketchy. Oh, and he tells me that although Suzette of the Cinderella Agency wanted to charge me 1000 for the comp cards, he is going to offer me the low price of 795... and I need to let him know by that evening if I can pay...

Ah... I could have written more, but the whole things just kind of depresses and angers me. How can his guy be out there still? And what can be done to stop him? I wish I could get in touch with some of the other innocent folk that went to the session. I am worried that they may already be taking the plunge.
October 19, 2009 9:35 AM


Buyer Beware

There are other agencies that is correct. I can only verify my experience and share that. I have also shared the experiences of other people that have had experience with John Wood (aka John Williams) Karon Shea and Richard Bertone.

Mine was not an isolated instant many people feel the same. If you have an issue with other agencies then be proactive and tell people.

People need to be informed and also do research on any company that operates in in this industry unfortunately there are too many unscrupulous people acting like agents that ruin it for everybody. Make sure you ask for references of clients don't just go on the word of some one that has a financial interest in making you a star. If they are Leggit this should not be a problem.

I asked John Wood for reference and to see his portfolio and he could not produce one. References should include more than a myspace page and a model repository. Be Leary of any one who states they just came in town. If they are leggit than ask them to prove it. If this becomes an issue move on again this is my opinion

Buyer beware


About this Blog!

Please use the information contained in this blog for information and research regarding Karon Shea Model Management, Richard Berton, and John Wood aka John Williams.

They attempted to scam money from me in my opinion so I choose to write a blog about it. The response has been unbelievable from other people that have also had the same experience as I did. My advise to you is be very Leary when dealing with these individuals or any agency for that matter that wants you to pay them for comp cards, please be very careful when thinking about having someone make you a star!

This blog has saved a lot of people money. This blog is made up of my experience and others. I am not going to tell you what to do put please note THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN AND THAT IS MY OPINION!