Ways to spot a Liar

In this business it seems that it easy to be taken advantage of! People will try to profit off your dreams and ambitions here are some ways to spot a liar. CLICK LINK TO SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Liar, Liar…

"I am not a crook.” “That dress looks great on you." Some lies have bigger consequences than others, but at some point, we've probably all told one. In fact, according to a Cornell University study, people lie in roughly 25 percent of their daily interactions. How can you tell if someone's trying to deceive you or if they're telling the truth? Here, we pinpoint a few common signs.

• Inconsistencies. One of the easiest, and most reliable, ways to catch a liar is to identify inconsistencies in their story—details that just don't jive with common sense, prevailing logic, or societal norms. For example, if your date claims he's as rich as Bill Gates but drives a Hyundai, you can bet he's telling a tall tale.
• Eye contact. When it comes to lying, the eyes can be a dead giveaway. Generally, liars avoid eye contact, but if you're dealing with a seasoned fabricator, he or she might stare excessively. In addition, most people's pupils dilate when they're lying because their adrenaline rises. According to an FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, liars may also blink rapidly or close their eyes for slightly prolonged periods in an attempt to block out auditory or visual stimuli.
• Contradictions. As they weave their tales of deceit, liars typically forget a few details along the way and reveal some telling contradictions. For example, if a friend backed out of your weekend plans because she supposedly had a life-threatening illness and later described the weekend as "wonderful," consider it a red flag.
• Stammering or scrambling. The majority of liars, especially under questioning, will utter a lot of nervous ahhs, umms, and wells in an effort to buy time and save face. When confronted with particularly tough questions, they may also scramble for flimsy rationales and far-fetched excuses to reinforce the lie.

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