Common Modeling Scams

Model Agency Scams - The Photographer Scam
This is another very common scam that a lot of my friends have complained about. This scam works like this. You are
told that you have been 'selected' to join a model agency. You are then told that you'll need a portfolio of decent quality
and you are given the name of a photographer who you are required to go to ' because the agency can be sure of his
quality'. So where's the scam there..sounds reasonable enough? Well what you don't know is that the agency and the
photographer are splitting the fees, and the fees themselves are considerably higher than they should be. Remember, a
model agency should never charge you advertising fees. If you need professional photos for a portfolio, then go to an
independent photographer and always pay him directly. If your agency insists that you go to a particular photographer as
a condition of joining, then as far as I'm concerned, you are being scammed
Talent Agency Scams - The Modeling Convention Scam
So you've joined an agency, and your agent advises you to go to a modeling convention. Once again, sounds like a good
idea Well maybe until you see the cost of these modeling conventions. And then you think of the reasoning. Why did my
agent suggest I go on a modeling convention to further my career, and increase my exposure. Isn't that what he's
supposed to be doing? The truth is, that some unscrupulous agents receive a commission for anyone they persuade to
go on this convention. If you're pressured this way , get a new agency.
Well there are just a few of the most common modeling scams.



A Love Letter from the bertone fan club

No shes right about a few things,Marc
is a lier.(
I have tried or should I say I have sent him several times this: AND MARC. post it! Or you are the bullshit bolger you seem to be.
Ok who's this fool???
I went to Kssm got what I paid for. Not to happy of not getting much work, but it's a gamble.
But the fool that stated this and I quote:
And if you really did speak to the Miss Mass. Pageant you would have found out that Laurie doesn't answer those questions Anthony does and his exact words were "we did work with Richard Bertone. We would never work with him again. I am not at liberty to say why unless Richard signs a release for us to talk."

If that is true HOW do you know what or why ?

And then this BS!I quote again:
My friends daughter has a picture of herself on her facebook page at 14 with no top on that Richard took. Any minor in a state of undress is illegal. This is not NY. Hello parents wake up! Thank god I have a son but I do feel bad for my friend because she agreed to this because he made it sound like thats what all the models do.

First of all NO parent would allow this! And if it is so the police would have both the photographer and parents in jail. This is utter BS. And you know it. I did not have a problem with Richard nor did that person, whoever posted this has a the problem.
Marc should fact find his blog before allow such BS.
Bloggers have that responsibility to do so. And if you say NO I DON"T your a fool as well and part of the BS problem that the internet brings to all of us.
Marc should if he really wants to stand up and be the model watch dog. Just because this fool sends you a story Marc doesn't make it true. And I know as well as ALL who reads this blog that if any of that was even anywhere near true, DSS, the police and courts is where this would be at, not some blog.
Marc for a while your blog look ok, but now it seems more and more a hate sounding blog of false information.


Tamar Toramanian gets her voice heard!

I recieved this post this weekend and wanted to post it

TAMAR TORAMANIAN has left a new comment on your post "The Little Blog Thay Could, Karon Shea of Karon Sh...":

You don't know what the hell your talking about freek. I am a model and I worked with Richard for years and he is one of the most professional photographer I ever worked with so before you go run your mouth about him. get your story right. Its sad you have nothing better to do with your time then blog crap and lies all day. Heres something that will help you retard.. GET A LIFE............

There you are once again talking about stuff you know nothing about. People were stealing his picture.I remember when that happend. I did 8 photo shoots with rich and I loved ever picture he took. His work is amazing and your opinion is wrong. Your name pops up everywhare if I google it huh? What does it say stupit bloger runs his month about shit he does not know about. Hahahah wow your famous.

Hahahah oh so you have to aprove peoples comments You don't have the balls to aprove what I said cause your a bitch. You know I am right.Well you have fun bashing people and running your mouth about them. You have a sad little life...You know someone should make a wedsite about you and start bloging there opinion about how retarded you are. Hahaha I would join in a sec. Next time get all your info before you voice you opinion


Karon Shea is not operating a Licensed Agency!

Karon Shea is not a Licensed Agency don't believe me call the state of mass.

From Anoymous

Hi, I posted earlier about the person who went to the BBB and the state but found nothing wrong. I also checked and saw that Karen Shea was not on the state list opf licensed agencies. I couldn't call because Monday was a holiday. I spoke to someone there yesterday and they told me that

Karen is NOT licensed as an agency. She failed to put in the proper paperwork last October so she does NOT have a license to operate in the this state. Nice!

Maybe this is why they are suddenly pushing the ACTORS loft. Can't cut it as an agency so now lets try our scam tactics at acting until someone else catches up with us.



Yes I believe that resturaunt is in Grafton, Iwould like to remind you that so is the Grafton Police department


Another happy customer of Richard Bertone and Karon Shea

I definitely feel like this is an "agency" that is not on the up and up. To a certain degree it is most definitely my own fault for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. The Bertone photoshoot was pretty much a joke. I spent $795 for him to show up more than half an hour late and he spent less than 2 hours actually taking pictures. The total number of shots came out to just over 400 and while I had maybe 6 changes there was no hair/makeup person to give me a hand really with anything. I'm just glad that when I went with my fiancee to NYC to get her professional acting headshots done the shoot, which was far more thorough and professional cost about half of what Bertone/Shea/Wood were charging. Oh yeah, that photoshoot I had was in July of '07 and I didn't get the comp cards back until late October/early November. I was told all these positive things and the closest I came to getting any sort of job or notice was an audition for an American Idol type show called Casting Call that was being judged by Joe Piscopo, Morgan Fairchild, and Adrian Zmed and hosted by the extraordinarily unfunny comic, Dan Levy. They filmed my acting audition, told me that I would be moving on to their finals in New Orleans and never heard from them again. The whole thing is a joke and KSMM is a joke.