Another opinion about Karon Shea Model Management

I received this email today, if anybody else is willing to come forward we might be able to get Karon Shea to refund money to people that paid her organization money and fees through a civil action, this is your way to have your voice heard. I know that she views this blog on a regular basis.

Of course you can post that message. I will tell whoever I can to be aware of the blog. Keep on posting - I only wish this was around only 3 months ago Is she trying to accuse you of defamation?

Let me know if I can be of any assistance to your defense or to any action against her. I have been taken for $795 under false pretenses. The very fact that Jon Wood has been with her company for 3 years is fraud enough - his pitch relied heavily on the "fact" that he just moved here to get an edge on LA. What most salesmen call "creating urgency."

Jon also left the option open to get Comp Cards made elsewhere, but with the caveat that if they are not "to the agency standard" - he'll reject them and make you do it again. There is little doubt in my mind that he was prepared to "reject" your Comp Cards until you shelled out for the Bertone "deal."

I was also explicitly told that there is no kick-back from the fee. I clarified that a couple times with him. I'd love to see what they keep on the books.

The man is a soul-less scam artist. After all my questions and clarifications to alleviate my skepticism, I looked him in the eye and asked "will i be able, at the very least, recover this Comp Card investment in work?" He said without flinching "there is no doubt in my mind."


Anonymous said...

what people are not understanding is that the $795 isnt just for the photo shoot and these arnt just headshots. do you realize how many photos are taken? do you realize how long it takes to edit them? do you know how much it cost to print and ship 100 composite cards? lets see $795 includes your 3+ hour photoshoot in a STUDIO(4+ outfit changes)600+ digital images - hair makeup-edited photos- disk of 5 images- 100 printed comp cards- shipping cost from CA- shipping cost to send 25 copies to model -add it up, yall dont understand. !

Anonymous said...

regardless, you dont understand. I PERSONALLY worked for KSMM for a fashion show, and low and behold, I didnt receive my pay within the 90 day limit. I finally received it, within the 120 days, however that was after numerous phone calls, emails, messages, etc. They are a scam!!!!

They dont work with clients that you would see everyday, and they are the least likely talent agency in the Boston network to get you a job.

She makes her money by selling fake classes and selling awful photoshoots, when you can get them for $300 and they will be perfect.

Im sorry, but it is a lame excuse to have your own talent agency. Sorry KSMM!

keeperofthecheerios said...

So what is the lesson learned here? The majority of "agencies" outside of NYC, LA, Chicago, and Miami are NOT agencies. YOU NEVER EVER PAY YOUR AGENT. EVER. YOU are the asset, and THEY should be investing in YOU - not the other way around. It is your responsibility to practice and stay healthy and in-the-know about the industry, as well as stick with your networking. There are no such things as "classes" in a real agency. They may send you to a school, like NYSFT or IC, and you would take them there. Your agent should NOT be doing your headshots. Your agent should be giving you contact information to the best photographers and urging you to travel to NYC and LA and hook up with the pro's there.

I have no pity for anyone who got scammed. Shame on you for not doing your basic homework.

Anonymous said...

Are these the same people advertising on Nickelodeon this week? Setting up shop in a Providence RI hotel on sunday. I said if this is a scam to get $$ not interested and girl on other end (my daughter called after seeing on tv) said that the woman did run an acting school..but the casting"agent..last name Shay is just an agent looking for talent....scam right?

glenn said...

I definitely feel like this is an "agency" that is not on the up and up. To a certain degree it is most definitely my own fault for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. The Bertone photoshoot was pretty much a joke. I spent $795 for him to show up more than half an hour late and he spent less than 2 hours actually taking pictures. The total number of shots came out to just over 400 and while I had maybe 6 changes there was no hair/makeup person to give me a hand really with anything. I'm just glad that when I went with my fiancee to NYC to get her professional acting headshots done the shoot, which was far more thorough and professional cost about half of what Bertone/Shea/Wood were charging. Oh yeah, that photoshoot I had was in July of '07 and I didn't get the comp cards back until late October/early November. I was told all these positive things and the closest I came to getting any sort of job or notice was an audition for an American Idol type show called Casting Call that was being judged by Joe Piscopo, Morgan Fairchild, and Adrian Zmed and hosted by the extraordinarily unfunny comic, Dan Levy. They filmed my acting audition, told me that I would be moving on to their finals in New Orleans and never heard from them again. The whole thing is a joke and KSMM is a joke.