My letter to Dick Bertone

Thank you for all the recent activity in regards to your anonymous postings to my blog. I understand you are a very frustrated due to the limited amount of work you must have been receiving from “Your photo mill operation”; due to the amount of traffic my blog is getting and receiving. I would hope that you were smart with the money you did earn working with John Wood and Karon Shea and invested it smartly.

I would like to reiterate to you that this blog is for constructive comments and criticisms and yours however do not qualify as constructive or readable for that matter. You have butchered the English language in such away that I did not want to cause you any further embracement by posting your anonymous rants, written at the wee hours of the morning.

I want to thank you for your recent posting regarding my employment status. I would like to tell you that unlike you and John I am and have been gainfully employed for quite some time now, again thank you for your concern.

I want to tell you personally that this blog is not personal at all. I know at times it may seem to be but you have to understand that you became involved when you agreed to partner with John and Karon. I know that in your limited capabilities you can not understand this, but trust me this blog gave people a sounding board to vent and tell others about their experiences with you and your amigos. It seems that your chickens are coming home to roost. You had your chance to respond to these postings; but instead you choose to think this was one big joke. It doesn’t matter how great you pretend to be, what matters is what people are saying about you; but I guess you are too stupid to realize that. Actually I think you just don’t care. Believe me when I tell you that this blog got people talking; unfortunately for you its was not positive for you, John and Karon.

I know you don’t remember talking to me when I was outside Karon’s office, talking to you on my cell phone; while I was waiting to meet with John, but I have the cell phone records to prove that not only that I called you; but you also returned my phone calls. I’m surprised you don’t remember talking to me, we had a somewhat lengthy conversation that night, and you don’t remember bad mouthing John and Karon.

It was from that conversation that the lies started to unravel and that this blog was born. The problem is that you like to run your mouth and really contradicted what John had told me in previous conversations. From what I have been told you both have big egos.

I want to assure you that the undo stress and anger that you are under will pass; relax and breathe. So that we are clear I will no longer post your nonsensical rants and raves. This Blog is not about me but that of what people have experienced in regards to their dealings with you, John and Karon.

I will leave you with 2 pieces of advice if you’re going to have a man pose for his headshot in athletic attire curling a dumbbell; you should have him curling something more than a 2lb weight, but I guess attention to detail is not your strong suite. If you want to be taken serious stop pretending to be a female model, or posing as another photographer or who ever else you pretended to be.

I believe that if you work on developing your craft a bit more; Target may just hire you but then again they do have ethics and standards.

How's that for stones


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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My opinion": Incredible! Since I know Marc personally I can say that he is not unemployed if you were referring to him. Also, it is kind of fun and interesting to see everyday just what you people write. So if Marc is enjoying this, so what!!!! All of you are the ones fueling the fire, not Marc. He felt like he was potentially being set up to get ripped off. So he checked into it and this is the blog came to be. Everyone on here should be thankful that he started this. Hopefully it saved some people from being ripped off in the future by that agency, John Wood or Ricahrd Berone. And if you all ready were scammed, he gave you the tools needed to seek a refund.So, in looking at the people that are writing in calling Marc names, getting so upset that their sentences make absolutely no sense and the spelling leads you to believe its a 6 year old, I would have to say that it must be, John, Karen or Richard. Who else would get so upset by this blog???????For the record, this is the correct spelling of stalker...moron!