I found another blog that talks about Cinderella Modeling and John Wood

I found this blog, Amazingly they talk about Cinderella Modeling Agency and A guy name John. You have to read the comments section. I love what happens when you use GOOGLE!

Here is one of the comments posted! Shockingly John is mentioned in this blog also!!!

Well, Bryan, like I said, it was NOT a casting company but a Modeling Agency. Its called Cinderella modeling. Its out of Manchester, NH. You can google them as Cinderella, Manchester NH and you will see they are a modeling agency and not a casting company in which was told to me when I got the call from someone named John. Just a tip for people so they keep an eye out for people saying they are one thing when clearly they are another. Watching out for my OFS friends. Take care.



I RESPONDED TO THIS AD ON CRAIGS LIST. It was John Wood. He just oozes Sleaze. I am glad I read this blog friends of mine told me about it a while back. After I got off the phone with John I went back and read it. He said mostly the same stuff that other people have posted. Thank you I am glad I was able to do my research before giving him any money.

CASTING! (Boston)

Date: 2009-11-14, 4:21PM EST

We are currently holding open casting calls for feature film to be filmed in the Boston area.

We have over 100 small supporting roles and bit parts and would like to cast
local actors and non-actors.

We are seeking people of all ages, ethnicities, genders.

No acting experience necessary!

Please include the following information:

Phone Number:
Picture if possible

Casting other films as well.