I answered the CL ad for "promotional material" . What they wanted me to do was have a photoshoot with Richard Bertone for $540 and then print the cards up on my own. If I did this John would make sure that I was seen by Karon Shea Model Management. Before setting up this appt. with Richard I said that I wanted to investigate and check into this further. When I googled Karon Shea, because I am from out of state and had never heard of her agency, I found this blog. So, I called Karon and actually spoke directly with her. I wanted fto make sure I would be represented if I paid this money. karon said that John had not been with her agency for about a month now and thats she had no knowledge of him saying these things. That I would not be guaranteed anything with her agency unless I met her first. Then she could decide if Richard would be a good photographer for me because Richard is good for fashion photography not commercial. People with a commercial look would benefit by going to Pat O'Coonor. So, I set up an appt. with her to be seen. About a half hour later I got a call from John saying that Karon had just called him up upset about my calling her and saying that John had mentioned her agency. John insisted this had been a misunderstanding by myself about her agency. He said that he never said any of that. Yet where did I get her name from I had never even heard of her.
He said that I should get the cards done with Richard even though I do not have interest in fashion modeling strictly acting. Also, know this... John never even asked me what I looked like. He just wanted to set up the appt. with Richard and he said that he would personally meet me there at Richards studio. He told me that I should shop around for agencies and not sign with any that have exclusive contracts. When I asked him why Karon was so upset and what the deal was between them he refused to tell me and only said that he worked there for 2 years and 9 months and there was a reason why he wasn't there anymore but he did not want to go into it.
So, I asked to see some of Richards work because I find it funny that he has no website. He told me to check out his myspace page. I did and found only fashion models. He told me that when I showed up at Richards studio he could show me lot of books with his work. I then asked him about this blog and he said that he had never heard of the blog. He would check into it when we hung up. The number John called me from ws 617-710-7510. But he told me to call him back on a 978number. The same number that was listed in the original CL posting.Now that I have read this blog I realize that the 617 number is the same as Karon Sheas.
I called Karon back to cancel my appt. with her and also to question her side of all this. She said that John was a wonderful man and that she had nothing bad to say about him except that she did not authorize him to post that ad. yet now I see on the blog that she wrote that she is seeking legal action action against him but 10 mins.before she added that comment she said to me that he was a nice guy. Which is it!!! Karon also said that Marc Reece is just angry because they did not want to represent him at her agency. I asked her why he said that John wanted him to pay $800 if they didn't want him. She said that never happened that Marc was never seen by her agency. Maybe people should look into him.
I read everything and after talking to them (Karon and John, I did not call Richard even though John told me to) I believe you are correct and this is a SCAM!!!! I think that there scam is faling apart and they are trying to find a way to still make money. Al ot of finger pointing going on.

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