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I do not care about John Wood to the point that he is a con artist! Contrary to some belief. The only time that I really think about him or the scam he pulls is when I get someone who makes a post. I then post it and move on after I read it. It takes 2 seconds.

This blog has saved people thousands of dollars by informing them about John Wood and The shit he pulls with people seeking fame and fortune. Before this blog, John wanted you to search the internet before you forked over $795 dollars to him; why because there was not much out there and he knew it. Ironically many people have since, posted their experience with him and the companies he works for.

I am keeping this blog up because people keep posting and reading. This blog was successful in running John Wood out of' at least Massachusetts. They tried to get this blog taken down and Failed. They tried legally,that didn't work, they tried threatening me, and that didn't work either, I'm not afraid of John or any of the tools he rolls with.

I'm not sure where John is right now he may or may not be in Ohio; I'm not sure, one thing I am sure of is that people that come into contact with this fraud at least now there is enough information on this scab, for an informed decision to be made and more importantly if they want to give this lowlife addict any of their hard earned money.

If John was half the "agent" he pretends to be, hew wouldn't be cruising the malls, making ANONYMOUS posts on Craig's List or trying other sleazy tactics to earn business, did I mention that he uses a pay as you go cell phone also.

One day this ass wipe is going to con the wrong person; Karma is a mother fucker, isn't it John?

John Wood Arrested? Dare to Dream

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "John Wood is in Ohio":

What part of OHIO????
He was arrested in NH of this matter. He never showed up to court..That was what was told to me.
Suzette at Cinderella was the other one making a killing off this Scam she and he ran. She knew what was going on. I've filed with the AG's office a few weeks ago.


John Wood is in Ohio

John Wood has been spotted in Ohio and working the scam.. Hey John, I just want to say hello!


If your looking for John Wood Read This.

I posted a comment that I received from an anonymous source stating that John Wood was in Ohio. I can not confirm that, that comment could have come in from John himself. If your trying to take John to court, I would also include Cinderella Modeling agency in the suite and subpoena Karon Shea, and Richard Berton. They have personal information regarding John Wood.

I would start by subpoenaing Cinderella's employee information which would include Johns 1099 or w-4. I would also state that the owner of Cinderella Modeling agency was made fully aware by me who John was and what he was about, she did not want to listen. John Woods days are numbered as a so called agent. Hey John if your reading this you ran but can not hide.


I found John Wood On FACEBOOK

Find John Wood on Facebook. I'm not sure who created it but thought you may want to check it out! John Wood on Facebook

My response to Anonymous

I received this post today and I would like to personally answer this.

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wow your a frigging riot!! why don't you post pictures of your self or actually start a business? You cant let it go?

First thank you for reading Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous It does not take any time at all to write a post and even less time to post a comment. This blog will remain up until John Wood a.k.a John Williams is no longer able to make a living doing what he does. I know that this blog has defiantly hindered his ability to make money from unsuspecting clients. I love the fact that people are now able to put a face to a name. What John didn't realize, when he met me that I would actually do research on him and Karon Shea Model Management. He actually thought that I was going to blindly hand him over 800 dollars. NOT!

It amazed me the number of responses I received 2 years ago when I put a simple post on Craig s List just asking for opinions from people that have come in contact or have done business with John Wood, Richard Bertone, or Karon Shea. The responses I received all had a common thread to them; Stay Away! I took those responses and created a blog! Two years latter the blog is still alive and kicking and John's ability to make money is dead if not sucking!


John Wood, The Man, The Myth, The.......

First off I would like to thank the person who just sent me pictures of John Wood.I know he has tried to remain anonymous while running his little scam, I thought I would post pictures of John Wood and The Photographer he mainly works with so that you could see what they look like and just make you aware of their "business practices.

I have posted these pictures under "Fair Use section 107 of United States Copy Right Law." to show you who I am speaking about so that you can see what they look like. These images are not intended to gain personal or monetary gain.

Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair: http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.htm

John Wood tried to scam my friend and I, at Karon Shea Model Management In Worcester Mass on or about April 2008. John Is now working in New Hampshire at Cinderella Modeling located in Manchester New Hampshire.

I met John Wood almost 2 years ago, Take a good look at him and if you see him run!!!! He wants you to believe he will make you a star as long as you have 795 dollars that is.

I have had a few conversations with Richard on the telephone so I cant vouch for his credibility,This blog was and is written with the many experiences that people have had in dealing with Richard Bertone and John Wood. I found samples of Richard Bertones work around the internet and sites like Flickr, In my opinion his pictures are o.k. you can see more here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=richard+bertone+photo&m=text I have seen better and I have seen worse. Ultimately you need to be the judge if Richard is the right photographer for you. You also need to decide if you want to have John Wood represent you. I do know that John Wood is also sometimes using the alias of John Williams.

That being said I do have a hard time believing that a guy with Richards "connections and experience in the modeling industry" would hang around or even associate with the likes of John Wood. It just doesn't make any sense.John works by associating himself with legit business like Karon Shea Model Management and Cinderella Modeling Agency.He would have you believe that he is the best game in town. Until this blog went live over 2 years ago there was not much information on the web when I did my original research.

Riddle me this If the movie studios are in the process of being built in Plymouth Massachusetts why is John Working all the way up in Manchester N.H? When did Manchester become the mecca of modeling and acting. One would think that a guy that has Wood's supposed connections would either be in Boston, Providence, or Worcester Mass. Oh wait he did his con in Worcester Mass with Karon Shea Model Management. He left town because of this BLOG! In my opinion one would be a complete fool to give these guys money!

Do your research and interview a few photographers and "people claiming to be agents! I was asked recently why I am doing this and its quite simple. In my opinion John Wood tried to scam me so I have personal experience in dealing with him. Again this blog is set up to inform people and share like experiences. If you feel that Richard Berton is the best person to take your photos please use him, you don't need to go through John to do so.

I have heard rumors that Richard Bertone is no longer associated with John Wood, I do know that John would only use Richard exclusively. As always use extreme caution and common sense when spending your hard earned money.

I would hope that no legit business person would partner with him. The fact remains that people who worked or partnered with John Wood knew exactly what he was doing makes them equally as guilty. Karon Shea was well aware and so Is the owner of Cinderella Modeling Agency! I made sure of it.

Richard if you are no longer associated with John Wood as you claim on your Facebook page, I ask that you help the people that were scammed by John Wood over the years get some of their money back. If you cant then you too my friend are equally guilty, but that is strictly my opinion.
I'm asking you to do the right thing.

Pictures Of John Wood

This is John Wood (he could be using an alias who knows!) who is working out of New Hampshire for Cinderella Modeling Agency http://www.cinderellamodelsne.com

He Resides in Lawrence Mass. He has been in New England for over 5 years if not closer to 10. When you meet him he will tell you that he just came in from LA Because of all the movies that are getting ready to be filmed in the state, and the new studios, THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE.


If you see this guy beware. He has worked for many agencies. In fact, when I found out he was working for Cinderella I warned them, they did not care. He is pulling the same crap that he did when I ran into him at Karon Shea Model Management. This Blog is the reason John ran to New Hampshire to work his con.

In the almost 2 years that this blog has been active almost $60,0000 dollars has remained in the pockets of people that bought his B.S but did their research first.I only go by the thank you letters I have received. Fuck You John and I will continue to keep this blog going strong until you wind up behind bars.