I received this email fron John Wood Tonight

I just received this email from John Wood tonight, apparently he states that he is still with Karon Shea Model Management. Be that as it may I thought it made for interesting reading. In my promise to post every posting. I am a man of my word.

Read this very carefully Marc Reece. Karon is not taking legal action against me, WE are taking it against you.

I have ignored your badgering, your slanderous remarks, and your outright lies as long as I can. I have no idea what your objective is. Nor can I fathom anyone who has the negative motivation and the shallow mentality to devote so much time and energy to the sole purpose of destroying other people’s professional reputation and business. I can only assume that you are a frustrated want-to-be actor who chooses to blame others for your inability to land roles rather than accepting your own limitations.

Karon Shea, Richard Bertone, and I work together at KSMM in the most ethical and professional manner possible to deliver highest quality services and help aspiring talent achieve their objectives. We go out of our way to make it clear that we can offer no guarantees of success, and we require a written acknowledgement from anyone who uses our services that they have been so informed. If anyone is dissatisifed with our service, we want to know about it.

We provide packaging services within the agency for a competitive fee, but make it very clear that we are only one of many options that the client can use to obtain his or her headshots, composites and all the materials needed for a talent agency to present to a casting agent. We do not apologize for the fact that we believe that our packaging service and its associated value are inferior to none, superior to the vast majority, and an exceptional value to our clients.

Although you have attempted to make something clandestine out of the fact that, in addition to working with KSMM, Richard and I are providing packaging services outside the realm of the KSMM talent agency, there is nothing devious about it. We simply want to help aspiring talent present themselves in the most professional manner possible, and at a cost that is a tremendous value, regardless of the talent agency that they choose.

After spending more than twenty years in this business, I do take pride in the fact that I know what I am talking about, and present it in an effective, honest, and convincing manner. You may call it “slick”. Those in the know refer to it as knowledgeable professionalism.

People who run blog sites have a responsibility to monitor the content. Failure to do so makes them susceptible to slander suits. One of your most resent blogs stated that Karon Shea is suing me. This is could not be further from the truth! You have crossed the line. The three of us are meeting together to determine the appropriate legal action if your harassment does not stop immediately.


Anonymous said...

That message from John Wood is interesting. He's SO full of it.
I sent them an email tonight requesting a refund. Interested to hear the response. I told him if I didn't hear back I would be talking to a lawyer and basically talking to anyone that takes complaints about this type of thing. Will be sending in the complaint form in the next couple days.
Thanks for all your work on this!!

Karon Shea said...

From Karon Shea:

1) John Wood is no longer affiliated with Karon Shea Model Management. He does not work with or for my company. He also does not represent my company.
2) Our address may have changed on a few occasions in our 20+ year history, but the name of our business has stayed the same. The agency "Karon Shea Model Management" was created as the firm represents women and men. LaFemmina (the school) means "the woman" and would obviously not be appropriate to carry that name to an agency that represents women and men.
3) If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding their business with my company they are invited to call me at the following: Karon Shea 508-755-0662

Thank you,

Karon Shea