Karon Shea gives a refund!

Karon does not want to deal with the state if you have a complaint with her and go to the state you have a chance of getting your money back. Karon does not want to run the risk of loosing her licenses...

This is my second post, just want to give an update.

I'm happy to say that we did get our money back in full for our comp cards. I put in a complaint with with employment agency (Commonwealth of Mass.) and we didn't even have to go to the hearing. Karon called and we settled over the phone.

This just in as or 4:33 pm Nov 19th

Beware Of John Wood he is working from the Cinderella Modeling Agency in New Hampshire!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "John Wood has decided to create another way to mak...": Well well people guess what John is at Cinderella agency in NH now and still running the same lines..not sure if they are a scam or what but I'm not wasting my money on it...have fun and beware... Posted by Anonymous to Do you feel that you got scammed by Karon Shay Model Management and John Wood at November 19, 2008 4:33 PM


Does this Craig's list post look Legit?

I saw this posting today on Craigs List. I am interested in hearing from anybody that answered this add.

Reply to: job-890840679@craigslist.org [?]Date: 2008-10-23, 4:58PM EDT

This is a casting call for girls 18 to 21.Who would like the oppertunity to get experiance in the entertainment industry. Do you sing? I don't care. So do you dance? I could care less. are you Pretty,thin,maybe a Red Head,Now we are talking. Send one face pic and stats hight.weight.mesurments to the e-mail.

Location: Central Ma N.R.I.
Compensation: beyond belife
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.PostingID: 890840679

If you want to contact John Wood or Karon Shea Directly

If you want to contact John Wood or Karon Shea directly about anything regarding your business with them you can try these numbers and email addresses.

John Wood’s cell number 617-710-7510 from Craig's List original posting
John Woods email norseman@excite.com
Karon Shea’s email karon@ksmmonline.com


This person has actually received work from Karon Shea Model Management

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "John Wood is still at it, at the Cinderella Modeli...":

I have only skimmed through a few of the blogs posted here, and (aside from the grimaces I bear each time I note a grammatical error [I'm an English teacher]) I do want to express that I have had some difficulty with KSMM as well.
I signed on on Dec 2007 and only received two jobs from the agency. The first was in January 2008, and I only just received payment LAST MONTH... and that was after numerous e-mails and phone calls. That's right: it took KSMM 8 months to pay me $90 from a bridal show.
The second job I worked was in May 2008, and I finally received payment LAST WEEK... I would like to note the improvement in punctuality; this job only took 6 months for payment to be issued.
Please note that the final payment was only received after I began filing a complaint with the BBB. Although Karon appears to be very professional, her agency lacks professionalism. Communication is horrendous, punctuality is non-existent, and the staff is sweet but not very capable. (Secretary Haley is very caring, but her e-mails are grammatically worse than my high school students)
As an educated woman who lived in London studying the industry, I would NOT recommend KSMM to any aspiring talent. I myself have collected my remaining comp cards (that I was sold into getting from Bertone- a poor choice on my behalf) and terminated my contract.

As I said I will post every comment I get good or bad

The following 3 postings have come from the same person who sent me an email telling me that Karon Shea had a blog. Since Friday her blog was taken down. I was accused of setting up that blog; which is absolutely not true. Again this is a forum for people that have had experience or opinion with Karon Shea Model Management, Richard Bertone, and John Wood. They all took part or had a part with what I believe the scam involved.

Email 1 has been edited. I could not post the entire email because it had nothing to do whith this blog.In response to email 3 I will state again that I did seek legal advise to protect myself from a law suite and given the nature of this blog I felt it the responsible thing to do. I did this so that I knew what I could and could not post or say.

Again I will state if you have something constructive to say either good or bad I will post it, as long as it is constructive. I believe these posts came from either John Wood Or Richard Bertone. Email 1 favors Karon Shea, John Wood, and Richard Bertone.The other 2 just attack my character and integrity.

Email 1 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 11:42 AM

I was one of those people that went to KAREN SHEAS, talk to John Wood. NEVER was promised the world as you say. People hear what they want to here because they sorted out the services from KSSM, they answered an ad. everyone wants to get there 15 mins, it's not a free ride people. and never a given.
Yes he talk about if I worked at my craft I COULD DO WELL.. "COULD"
I'm an actor and I paid the money of my own free will. John told me about RICHARD and other photographers, I PICKED WHO I WANTED TO USE!!
Had a GREAT SHOOT, which took 4 plus hours. Got all that was paid for. And I did do my home work. I got prices, 5 others from agents to just photographers and they came in with in 100 bucks +/-.

Email 2 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 2:53 PM

Marc, See your a lier !!!!
And I know this wont get posted either.
I sent you a post that said I was very happy with the work and photos I got from KSSM. YOU DIDN'T post it?
Hide behind your lies of the blog.

Email 3 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 9:39 PM

you discussed it with a lawyer?? so you actually paid someone for their time to talk about putting up a blog? wow no life.


My opinion

OK, let me set the record straight. I did not start a blog in Karon Shea's name. Whoever did. The ip address from the computer that created was recorded in a log file on Bolger’s server, which means it can be traced. If this would ever go to court I have kept all emails I have received and I can produce those as well.

I have been with in my rights legally in regards to this blog and Karon Richard and John don't like it. I would love for this to go to court so then they would be exposed in a public forum. They defiantly don't want that.

Don’t think for a moment that they did not try to do everything in their power to have this blog removed. Before I wrote this blog I discussed it with a lawyer and guess what I'm safe and the blog is still here.

John Wood and Karon Shea tried to scam me and a friend of mine. I decided not to take this lying down so I started this blog.This blog was started to tell people about my experience and the experience of other people that had used Karon Shea Model Management.

The postings you see on the blog are people's opinions and then people comment on those opinions. I have told people to use their best judgment after reading anything from this blog.

I don't need to pose as Karon Shea to get people to a blog, my Google page rankings bring more than enough people to this site.

I wish there was no need for this blog; sadly that is not the case. As long as I keep getting emails and comments I will continue to post. I make no money from this blog and again I wish there was no need for it. I'm doing it for consumer awareness. As the old saying goes buyer beware.

I do not hide behind this blog or blog title. Karon, John and Richard all know who I am as I have made myself perfectly clear several times.

I have asked several times for people to send me positive comments about their experiences with any of the three. I have not received any positive feed back stating otherwise. I have been more than fair in regards to what I post; I can’t post what I don’t get.

I have no regrets for posting this blog. In my opinion John Wood and Karon Shea tried to con me out of my money. I do not need to pose behind some blog named after Karon Shea to try and get comments. I have my own. I also would not proactively promote Karon Shea's business.

I received an email posted anonymously informing me of her blog on Friday. It went up on Friday then violated the terms of service on Saturday morning and I believe it was taken down last night.

Let me state again for the record. In my opinion John Wood is a liar and a con Artist that is my opinion of him. Karon Shea hired him and was warned by the owner of another modeling agency to beware. Karon ignored her, so in my opinion she is equally as guilty. Again these are my opinions you may have a different experience of them.

So give me a break on trying to frame me for trying to set up a blog in Karon's' name. I have no time for that. If you don't like the blog don't read it. Instead of attacking me say something positive about Karon or John.

So again if after reading this blog posting you feel confident that Karon Shea is the one who will get your career to the next level go ahead and use her. If you Think John Wood truly has your best interest at heart give him your money. If Richard is the photographer that you believe is going to be the best one out there to capture your image on film use him I don't care. It’s your money not mine. I gain nothing by you doing business with them.

How ever remember if you choose to use them remember you were warned. There is no urgency to signing with them, there are other agencies and photographers out there; maybe you should do your homework, again that is my opinion. It am not a model, I went to an open casting call at her agency for acting. I may not know the modeling business but I do know a scam when I see one, again that's my opinion.


Karon Has A Blog!

Karon Shea now has a blog and is interested in hearing what people think. Tell Karon directly. Please leave your comments here as well. Check out her site and tell her John Wood and Richard what you think, please be respectful. I guess Karon does not want to believe what has been posted on this blog. If I were her I would take to heart how people feel they were treated. The only reason this blog continues to grow as it does is because of all the opinions I have received.



About this blog!

The sole reason that this blog exists is to share with you the experiences of many people that have had contact with John Wood, Karon Shea, and Richard Bertone in regards to their business ethics. You are free to share with the blog your personal experience i.e. experience, professionalism, work ethic, etc. Please remember to formulate your own opinions after reading this.If these are people you feel that can help further your career by all means use them! I am asking for good and bad experiences. How have they helped your career? How much work are you getting from them? What did you like about them? Would you recommend them? I am interested in hearing it all and I will continue to post. I created this blog on the overwhelming response I received on Craig's List to A simple question; "Could you please share with me your experience in regards to Karon Shea Model Management, John Wood or Richard Bertone, I am thinking about signing with them." Remember this blog is all about opinions and the information contained within can not be confirmed or denied, it’s strictly about your opinion. Which, I might add is your truth? Thank you, and please be respectful of other opinions even if you disagree with them.

How to spot the scam

Many people wonder if they are getting scammed I hope this post helps you:

"The agent should not recommend one photographer, and you do not pay the agency, you deal directly with the photographer." -- Nina Blanchard, The Nina Blanchard Agency

"Beware of photo pushers. They are seemingly legitimate talent agencies who make money by receiving kickbacks from photographers. The agent's advice may sound helpful, but the photo 'deal' will cost an exorbitant amount of money." -- Erik Joseph, Author, The Glam Scam

"If a so-called talent agent sends you to a particular photographer for pictures, hold your wallet tight and run for the nearest exit! Chances are the 'agent' is a phony who makes money splitting the photographer's fee." -- Los Angeles Office of the Consumer Protection Agency of the Federal Trade Commission

Paying $1,000 for comp cards to an agency which is a promotional agency, not a modeling agency, is ridiculous. Promotional "modeling" pays $15/hour. Therefore The model may never make more from modeling than the cost of the comp cards. In fact, the model may never even make anything. The model would have to work for more than 65 hours at $15/hr just to break even and to pay off the $1,000 comp cards. There are modeling agencies where models do not have to pay for their photos until after they work. It comes out of their first paycheck. This is the only way to check and balance expensive modeling photos. It does not put the model at risk or in a financial hole.


1. A truly interested agent will never ask you for money.
2. A legitimate modeling agency will never ask you to pay up front for your own test shots or pay to build your own portfolio.
3. Another thing that models legitimately need but should never be expected to pay for is a comp card.
4. Becoming a model should not cost you any money up front, even for things that sound legit like professional modeling lessons.
5. Finally, but very importantly, no legitimate modeling agency or agent will ask you to take nude or suggestive photographs, no matter how “tasteful” the presentation.


Modeling Conventions: Modeling conventions is a way to cheat aspiring models out of thousands of dollars. This is how most of these scams work; they will have an open modeling cast for aspiring models. Once you arrive, they will look at your photos and give you a weak line about how you have the potential to become a model. They may take a photo and ask to keep the picture for their own references. You then are sent back home and told that they will call you if interested. Once they do call, they will send you an invitation by mail or phone to attend a modeling convention. They claim that in this convention, you will get picked by modeling agents that are desperately searching for fresh new models. There is only one thing; they require a "small" one time fee of $5000! This should yell scam. These are only scammers out to profit from young aspiring models who never have the attention of signing you. Stay away from modeling conventions. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/649461/how_to_spot_and_avoid_modeling_scams.html?cat=7

Ihope this helps


John Wood is still at it, at the Cinderella Modeling Agency in New Hampshire

John Woods Scam is alive and well in New Hampshire. Cinderella Modeling agency is fully aware of who John Wood is and seems not to care. Ask yourself after reading this blog do you really want to support or give money to an agency that employs or even associate with John Wood!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "For those of you that paid Karon Shea and John Woo...": Just got a call back from John today. I am glad to have found this blog.I went last week to a 'casting call' based on a Craig's list ad. It said, looking for people for an 'Irish mob film', an age range (that I fit, being age 20). I called the 978 number and said I was interested. I was told to come the next day at 7 PM to Cinderella Modelling in Manchester, NH (I live in Lowell, MA at the moment). So I went there. About 20 other hopefuls were there and we all had to give our information and wait in the room downstairs.I think this must be the routine. You walk in, meet John, give your information, and then go into a room to hear the spiel. John claims he lived in LA for 20 years, worked with agency which shut down recently because the owner 'went into menopause and thought all her employees would steal her money' (maybe he comes up with a slightly changed story every week). He stated that the previous day he had over 1000 people in a meeting for the same film. He claims that the film details have not come in and will not come in 'till tomorrow or maybe next week' (this must always be the case). Auditions may be as 'early as Saturday' and etc. I did not grow very weary during that session. He was a good actor, a good 'scam artist'. On questions, he stated that normally he cannot answer any questions during a session when there are 'hundreds or thousands of people' so 'you guys are lucky'. Then questions are asked. He has a pre-set answer for every one I am sure. I asked no questions, however one person did and asked 'how many people do you know from LA?'. He claimed he had 'over 3,000 contacts'. The session ended and he said that he would judge whether we could have a role in the film or any film the modelling agency gets information on based on how we 'carried ourselves' when we walked in, solely. 'First impressions make it or break it.'He had some old guy with him that night who was siding with him so as to further his claims. The old guy was agreeing with John that 'MA Comp cards are a joke in comparison to LA' and 'MA is so far behind when it comes to LA; there is no bulk rate on printing'. John made further claims that Boston and New England are becoming a hotspot for shooting feature films (perhaps that is true). He also made claims that acting schools around here are charging too much and are a joke. To seem more believable, he mentioned places like Boston Casting and other places.Finally, he said to wait a week for your call back. He even stated, 'if you do not get a call back, do not feel bad. We will keep you on file in case you fit any other things we come across'.I got a call back today (certainly it has not been a week, 5 days). John first asked: 'how much do you really want to do this?' I responded with enthusiasm and said 'very much'. He then said 'great' and asked me about my situation, to which I answered as 'I am a full-time student' and so forth. He then told me to 'think about a few things', and then said that he NEEDS a Comp card done (yes every agency needs a Comp card). However, he then told me about Richard Bertone. He told me to go to his MySpace. I did that but I questioned to myself why does not Bertone have a REAL web site (like a .com; ANY business can afford one)? He told me that Richard Bertone knows the agency (Cinderella) and knows what they are expecting, and then stated that the cost of the photos would normally be $1,000 but Richard is doing a deal right now for 'newcomers' at $795.After reading this blog, among other links from it, he is getting no call back from me and I am certainly not dropping $800 for Comp cards when they are not even the industry standard for acting. And I have read they are not worth the $800.Yes, I am an acting hopeful and I am taking classes at school as well (minor in Theatre, English major). I think I need more work and I will find that legitimate agent/agency one day who will get me the work (unpaid and paid) I would like to get. As for now, I audition for anything I can find, building a decent resume I hope.It is unfortunate Cinderella has fallen for such a trick.http://www.cinderellamodelsne.com/Contact them and let them know!I did to let them know about this scam. I will phone them tomorrow and ask for Suzette, the owner. Watch out for this! I am so glad I never dropped money. Craig's list is great for selling stuff locally. Never buy into claims of easy entry into an industry like the film industry. If you have it in you, you will either already have them looking for you or you just need to find a legitimate agency, and you MUST speak with its owner!Lastly, I was told by people who have friends in the SAG NEVER to trust Craig's list when it comes to ANYTHING regarding the industry. Real casters, directors, producers, etc NEVER post there.