John Wood Still Trying To Get Your Money

Just got this posting today thought you may like to read it

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Hey guys, thanks for all your help, everyone here helped open my eyes. I was looking forward to going to Manchester tomorrow.
I JUST GOT A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER TODAY. A dude named John, just moved from LA all that shit, sounded serious. Thing is i got a real audition to go to in Hanover, MA tomorrow. I just finished wrapping a movie, and a movie called OxyMorons is gonna be filmed soon.
This guy called me today and said all these auditions are coming up and its a first impression thing. What a scammer!!!


If you have to call this number beware 978-457-1231

John Wood is still at it if you have to call or get a call from 978-457-1231 Beware.
From what I hear John and the gang are still at it.