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I do not care about John Wood to the point that he is a con artist! Contrary to some belief. The only time that I really think about him or the scam he pulls is when I get someone who makes a post. I then post it and move on after I read it. It takes 2 seconds.

This blog has saved people thousands of dollars by informing them about John Wood and The shit he pulls with people seeking fame and fortune. Before this blog, John wanted you to search the internet before you forked over $795 dollars to him; why because there was not much out there and he knew it. Ironically many people have since, posted their experience with him and the companies he works for.

I am keeping this blog up because people keep posting and reading. This blog was successful in running John Wood out of' at least Massachusetts. They tried to get this blog taken down and Failed. They tried legally,that didn't work, they tried threatening me, and that didn't work either, I'm not afraid of John or any of the tools he rolls with.

I'm not sure where John is right now he may or may not be in Ohio; I'm not sure, one thing I am sure of is that people that come into contact with this fraud at least now there is enough information on this scab, for an informed decision to be made and more importantly if they want to give this lowlife addict any of their hard earned money.

If John was half the "agent" he pretends to be, hew wouldn't be cruising the malls, making ANONYMOUS posts on Craig's List or trying other sleazy tactics to earn business, did I mention that he uses a pay as you go cell phone also.

One day this ass wipe is going to con the wrong person; Karma is a mother fucker, isn't it John?

John Wood Arrested? Dare to Dream

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What part of OHIO????
He was arrested in NH of this matter. He never showed up to court..That was what was told to me.
Suzette at Cinderella was the other one making a killing off this Scam she and he ran. She knew what was going on. I've filed with the AG's office a few weeks ago.


John Wood is in Ohio

John Wood has been spotted in Ohio and working the scam.. Hey John, I just want to say hello!