I found another blog that talks about Cinderella Modeling and John Wood

I found this blog, Amazingly they talk about Cinderella Modeling Agency and A guy name John. You have to read the comments section. I love what happens when you use GOOGLE!

Here is one of the comments posted! Shockingly John is mentioned in this blog also!!!

Well, Bryan, like I said, it was NOT a casting company but a Modeling Agency. Its called Cinderella modeling. Its out of Manchester, NH. You can google them as Cinderella, Manchester NH and you will see they are a modeling agency and not a casting company in which was told to me when I got the call from someone named John. Just a tip for people so they keep an eye out for people saying they are one thing when clearly they are another. Watching out for my OFS friends. Take care.



I RESPONDED TO THIS AD ON CRAIGS LIST. It was John Wood. He just oozes Sleaze. I am glad I read this blog friends of mine told me about it a while back. After I got off the phone with John I went back and read it. He said mostly the same stuff that other people have posted. Thank you I am glad I was able to do my research before giving him any money.

CASTING! (Boston)

Date: 2009-11-14, 4:21PM EST

We are currently holding open casting calls for feature film to be filmed in the Boston area.

We have over 100 small supporting roles and bit parts and would like to cast
local actors and non-actors.

We are seeking people of all ages, ethnicities, genders.

No acting experience necessary!

Please include the following information:

Phone Number:
Picture if possible

Casting other films as well.


Beware of a man named John and Cinderella Modeling Agency in Manchester New Hampshire

I love getting emails like this. If you go see John at Cinderella Modeling Agency in Manchester New Hampshire hold on tight to your check book, you have exactly what he is looking for 795 dollars. He didn't even change his pitch! The owner is also fully aware of the scam everybody makes out except you!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for you blog. You just saved me an investment of 795 in comp cards, when I don't even have that money to spend.

Last week I drove all the way up to Manchester to Cinderella Agency to see John (he never gave his last name) with cell phone number starting with 978. I had answered a "CASTING" ad on craigslist...

The ad read:

"We are currently holding open casting calls for feature film to be filmed in the Boston area.

We have over 100 small supporting roles and bit parts and would like to cast
local actors and non-actors.

We are seeking people of all ages, ethnicities, genders.

No acting experience necessary!

Please include the following information:

Phone Number:
Picture if possible

Casting other films as well."

Well, the scam played out almost exactly as already documented. (I wish I had read this earlier or I'd have been spared the hour-plus road trip.) There were only 12 of us there or so, but he said we were lucky because there had just been 500 there the week before. I agree that he was quite charismatic. He talked about how he'd been out in L.A. for 20 years, but now was the place to be. Boston is, as he noted, "Hollywood East". He hates that cold weather here, but this is the place where all the money is. etc. Same spiel as already noted and then some. I won't go through it again. Ultimately, he tells us that he will let each one of us know within the week if he is interested in us. And then he says not to feel bad if we don't hear back at all, but that he only selects those who he knows will be able to work in the film industry. (Note: he never actually tells us which feature films he is casting for.)

Then of course, I heard back from him the right day. It turns out that I have what he's looking for but I must pay 795 to get comp cards... and website is indeed a myspace account for Studio 8. Sketchy. Oh, and he tells me that although Suzette of the Cinderella Agency wanted to charge me 1000 for the comp cards, he is going to offer me the low price of 795... and I need to let him know by that evening if I can pay...

Ah... I could have written more, but the whole things just kind of depresses and angers me. How can his guy be out there still? And what can be done to stop him? I wish I could get in touch with some of the other innocent folk that went to the session. I am worried that they may already be taking the plunge.
October 19, 2009 9:35 AM


Buyer Beware

There are other agencies that is correct. I can only verify my experience and share that. I have also shared the experiences of other people that have had experience with John Wood (aka John Williams) Karon Shea and Richard Bertone.

Mine was not an isolated instant many people feel the same. If you have an issue with other agencies then be proactive and tell people.

People need to be informed and also do research on any company that operates in in this industry unfortunately there are too many unscrupulous people acting like agents that ruin it for everybody. Make sure you ask for references of clients don't just go on the word of some one that has a financial interest in making you a star. If they are Leggit this should not be a problem.

I asked John Wood for reference and to see his portfolio and he could not produce one. References should include more than a myspace page and a model repository. Be Leary of any one who states they just came in town. If they are leggit than ask them to prove it. If this becomes an issue move on again this is my opinion

Buyer beware


About this Blog!

Please use the information contained in this blog for information and research regarding Karon Shea Model Management, Richard Berton, and John Wood aka John Williams.

They attempted to scam money from me in my opinion so I choose to write a blog about it. The response has been unbelievable from other people that have also had the same experience as I did. My advise to you is be very Leary when dealing with these individuals or any agency for that matter that wants you to pay them for comp cards, please be very careful when thinking about having someone make you a star!

This blog has saved a lot of people money. This blog is made up of my experience and others. I am not going to tell you what to do put please note THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN AND THAT IS MY OPINION!


John Williams and John Wood Have the same cell number 978 xxx 1231

Beware of John Wood Aka John Williams at the Cinderella Modeling Agency Located in Manchester NH.

This is the cell number that John Wood gave me over a year ago 978 xxx 1231, Apparently John Williams has the same number as of 9/30/09 @11:49 pm. Imagine that, John didn't change his number when he changed his name. If I had to bet money I would bet that John Williams sports a baseball cap, pierced ears, fake tan and drives a red mustang! Be very Leary of this man he tried scamming me and my friend when he worked with Karon Shea Model Management! This is my opinion before you give him any money do your research!

John Willams Is actually John Wood

John Williams is AKA John Wood. As a mater of fact you will have exactly what he is looking for, John is going to make you a star!

I just went to an audition last night with Cinderella Modeling and met someone named John Williams (not sure if this is the same guy), however the story is exactly the same. I filled out the application and was told by John that typically he calls folks back within a week, however the folks that he is really interested in will get a call back the next day. I got the call and was told that I fit the bill they were looking for and that he could get me work almost immediately. All I had to do was to meet with him and and sign a contract, as well as provide 795.00 for pictures/comp cards. He mentioned that comp cards were essential to getting work and that he used a couple of agencies and asked that I look at the following two sites modelmayhem.com/studio8 and myspace.com/8studio8. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I can't believe how similar the posts are to my story.

What is really funny is that he gave the group his "private" cell phone number to call. Seemed kind of strange to go through him and not the agency.

I am going to meet with him next week. Let you all know how it goes.


John Wood Still Trying To Get Your Money

Just got this posting today thought you may like to read it

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I find it truly amazing that so many people are gr...":

Hey guys, thanks for all your help, everyone here helped open my eyes. I was looking forward to going to Manchester tomorrow.
I JUST GOT A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER TODAY. A dude named John, just moved from LA all that shit, sounded serious. Thing is i got a real audition to go to in Hanover, MA tomorrow. I just finished wrapping a movie, and a movie called OxyMorons is gonna be filmed soon.
This guy called me today and said all these auditions are coming up and its a first impression thing. What a scammer!!!


If you have to call this number beware 978-457-1231

John Wood is still at it if you have to call or get a call from 978-457-1231 Beware.
From what I hear John and the gang are still at it.


Karon Shea is now Karon Shea Enterprises.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Before you think Karon will make you a starr with ...":

Maybe everyone should check out the latest episode of dateline and how they did it on modeling scams and IMTA"s . Quite interesting. Seems all places give the same pitch of how mnay people were called back etc.
Its all bull. If you have the money you can go. Simple as that. None of the big name agencies are there as was quoted on dateline by the owner of Elite himself. Only other small agencies go. One more scam to the susceptible people who want to be famous to think their kids are the best!



Also, Karon Shea is now Karon Shea Enterprises. And Karon is the CEO and president. Have to be incorporated to actually be the president and not the owner. Funny how she just keeps changing the name. Of and the actors loft ids under the Dance Academy not Lafemmina so that they aren't regulated by the state to file academic criteria to the state for approval with a teaching license. One mor sneaky think after another.

It gets better, now you can be taught how to act by the wonderfully talented Christine Agriopoulus(sp. sorry for butchering) It kills me that people that have not actually ever done anything such as her and Anthony Vorres are teaching classes and people are going to pay money for this. Anthony has done ind. films and lived in LA. oooow!!! So have I so I guess I should be teaching. Actually I have done more than him so I guess that I could....hee!hee!

The more I see this the more pissed I get. When are people going to learn.


Before you think Karon will make you a starr with the IMTA read the rest of the blog!

Modeling convention puts local faces on L.A. radar


An invitation from IMTA is something not to pass up.

For example, Katie Holmes, Brookes Burns and Ashton Kutcher all once received IMTA invitations — when hardly any one else knew them. They accepted.

Who knows what the future holds for Calli McLaughlin, 5, and sister Molli McLaughlin 7, both of Rutland, or Jada Lopez, 10, of Lawrence, or Trevor Ruggles, 40, of Auburn.

The four were part of a contingent of 20 students at the La Femmina Modeling Training Center/Karon Shea Model Management in Worcester who went to the International Modeling and Talent Association convention in Los Angeles in January, after being selected by IMTA scouts who had held auditions at the school. The invitation to attend IMTA was contingent on them taking intense modeling and acting training for three months at the school.

In Los Angeles, the 20 took part in competitions with 1,000 other hopefuls in an array of modeling and acting categories, and were watched by 400 talent managers and agents from all over the world. These mangers and agents, in turn, had the opportunity to contact contestants they might be interested in representing, signing and managing. While they were in L.A. there was also an earthquake, Karon Shea, the modeling school’s owner, recalled — 5.5 on the Richter scale.

Molli and Calli caused quite a few shock waves themselves, getting the most callbacks of the 20 contestants from La Femmina/Karon Shea — 27 and 20 respectively.

Ruggles got quite a few too, including from an agency in France. Jada also attracted a lot of interest, particularly from Los Angeles agencies.

Would she move to Los Angeles?

“Definitely. Tomorrow if I have to,” said her mother, Keyshla Penalo. “She’s very mature, very talented,” she said of her daughter, who received honorable mention in “Sitcom,” “TV Beauty” and “TV Real People” categories.

“It was amazing. It was so much fun,” said Jada.

Would she go to L.A. to live? “We’ll wait and see. We’re very excited,” she said.

Altogether, the students from La Femmina/Karon Shea had 112 callbacks at the convention, said Mark W. Steina, who oversees the IMTA training at the school.

IMTA, which is based in Arizona, was founded 22 years ago by Helen Rogers. Steina said Rogers had been sending her students all over the world for auditions and meetings. She concluded it would be easier to have fashion agents, talent agents, casting directors and so on all together in one spot — at least for a week. Actually two, since IMTA holds two conventions a year, one in Los Angeles and one (July 18 to 25) in New York City.

But agents and managers are only going to expend the time at such an event if it is worth their while, Steina noted.

IMTA states that “Membership in the International Modeling and Talent Association is by invitation-only. Our IMTA members have passed a rigorous qualification process and are the most prestigious in the industry.”

La Femmina/Karon Shea is a new member of IMTA. Last fall it put out a call for open auditions to the Los Angeles IMTA convention. IMTA scouts who attended the Worcester audition selected 19 of the 121 who showed up (20 ended up going to L.A.). They then went through training. Instructors included Anthony Vorres, director of the Actors Loft in Worcester, and Melanie Donegan.

“I’m a little overwhelmed” Melissa McLaughlin said of the splash Calli and Molli went on to make in Los Angeles. “They had never done any acting. I wasn’t expecting anything.”

She said she’ll proceed “with baby steps” concerning their modeling or acting careers, noting that her daughters are very young. “But I’m definitely open to this.”

The daughters enthusiastically agreed. Molli said she especially enjoyed the runway.

Ruggles, at 40, went to the open audition not really understanding the whole process. But he was called back for an interview with an IMTA scout.

“The IMTA person went over my strong points and weak points … The training helped us get out of our comfort zones. We went out as best prepared as we could get.”

Ruggles won 11 awards. He owns a health care business and is not necessarily looking to give up the day job.

“I just thought it was a phenomenal experience,” he said.

Stephanie Raffa, 25, of Worcester works as a waitress at the Olive Garden in Marlboro.

“The experience was absolutely unbelievable,” she said. One of her callbacks was with Moonstar Management of Los Angeles and New York City.

“You only live once,” she said of why she auditioned. And got sponsors, and had a fundraising dinner party.

The IMTA experience “is expensive,” Steina acknowledged. From the beginning of training to flights, hotels and the convention, the total cost is about $5,000.

On the other hand, the experience brings exposure. “You could hop in your car and go to New York and spend a week and never audition for anybody,” Steina said.

So was it worth the money?

“Absolutely. The money wasn’t even a factor,” Raffa said.

And who knows what will happen?

A couple of weeks after being interviewed for this story, Jada Lopez and her mom went to L.A. and signed with HRI agency, one of the largest casting agencies in that city for children. They are moving to L.A. April 10.

“We are really excited for her,” said Steina.

Auditions to attend the New York City IMTA convention will be held at La Femmina Modeling Training Center and Karon Shea Model Management, 64 Water St., Worcester, beginning at 1 p.m. March 29. For more information, call (508) 755-0662.


Common Modeling Scams

Model Agency Scams - The Photographer Scam
This is another very common scam that a lot of my friends have complained about. This scam works like this. You are
told that you have been 'selected' to join a model agency. You are then told that you'll need a portfolio of decent quality
and you are given the name of a photographer who you are required to go to ' because the agency can be sure of his
quality'. So where's the scam there..sounds reasonable enough? Well what you don't know is that the agency and the
photographer are splitting the fees, and the fees themselves are considerably higher than they should be. Remember, a
model agency should never charge you advertising fees. If you need professional photos for a portfolio, then go to an
independent photographer and always pay him directly. If your agency insists that you go to a particular photographer as
a condition of joining, then as far as I'm concerned, you are being scammed
Talent Agency Scams - The Modeling Convention Scam
So you've joined an agency, and your agent advises you to go to a modeling convention. Once again, sounds like a good
idea Well maybe until you see the cost of these modeling conventions. And then you think of the reasoning. Why did my
agent suggest I go on a modeling convention to further my career, and increase my exposure. Isn't that what he's
supposed to be doing? The truth is, that some unscrupulous agents receive a commission for anyone they persuade to
go on this convention. If you're pressured this way , get a new agency.
Well there are just a few of the most common modeling scams.



A Love Letter from the bertone fan club

No shes right about a few things,Marc
is a lier.(
I have tried or should I say I have sent him several times this: AND MARC. post it! Or you are the bullshit bolger you seem to be.
Ok who's this fool???
I went to Kssm got what I paid for. Not to happy of not getting much work, but it's a gamble.
But the fool that stated this and I quote:
And if you really did speak to the Miss Mass. Pageant you would have found out that Laurie doesn't answer those questions Anthony does and his exact words were "we did work with Richard Bertone. We would never work with him again. I am not at liberty to say why unless Richard signs a release for us to talk."

If that is true HOW do you know what or why ?

And then this BS!I quote again:
My friends daughter has a picture of herself on her facebook page at 14 with no top on that Richard took. Any minor in a state of undress is illegal. This is not NY. Hello parents wake up! Thank god I have a son but I do feel bad for my friend because she agreed to this because he made it sound like thats what all the models do.

First of all NO parent would allow this! And if it is so the police would have both the photographer and parents in jail. This is utter BS. And you know it. I did not have a problem with Richard nor did that person, whoever posted this has a the problem.
Marc should fact find his blog before allow such BS.
Bloggers have that responsibility to do so. And if you say NO I DON"T your a fool as well and part of the BS problem that the internet brings to all of us.
Marc should if he really wants to stand up and be the model watch dog. Just because this fool sends you a story Marc doesn't make it true. And I know as well as ALL who reads this blog that if any of that was even anywhere near true, DSS, the police and courts is where this would be at, not some blog.
Marc for a while your blog look ok, but now it seems more and more a hate sounding blog of false information.


Tamar Toramanian gets her voice heard!

I recieved this post this weekend and wanted to post it

TAMAR TORAMANIAN has left a new comment on your post "The Little Blog Thay Could, Karon Shea of Karon Sh...":

You don't know what the hell your talking about freek. I am a model and I worked with Richard for years and he is one of the most professional photographer I ever worked with so before you go run your mouth about him. get your story right. Its sad you have nothing better to do with your time then blog crap and lies all day. Heres something that will help you retard.. GET A LIFE............

There you are once again talking about stuff you know nothing about. People were stealing his picture.I remember when that happend. I did 8 photo shoots with rich and I loved ever picture he took. His work is amazing and your opinion is wrong. Your name pops up everywhare if I google it huh? What does it say stupit bloger runs his month about shit he does not know about. Hahahah wow your famous.

Hahahah oh so you have to aprove peoples comments You don't have the balls to aprove what I said cause your a bitch. You know I am right.Well you have fun bashing people and running your mouth about them. You have a sad little life...You know someone should make a wedsite about you and start bloging there opinion about how retarded you are. Hahaha I would join in a sec. Next time get all your info before you voice you opinion


Karon Shea is not operating a Licensed Agency!

Karon Shea is not a Licensed Agency don't believe me call the state of mass.

From Anoymous

Hi, I posted earlier about the person who went to the BBB and the state but found nothing wrong. I also checked and saw that Karen Shea was not on the state list opf licensed agencies. I couldn't call because Monday was a holiday. I spoke to someone there yesterday and they told me that

Karen is NOT licensed as an agency. She failed to put in the proper paperwork last October so she does NOT have a license to operate in the this state. Nice!

Maybe this is why they are suddenly pushing the ACTORS loft. Can't cut it as an agency so now lets try our scam tactics at acting until someone else catches up with us.



Yes I believe that resturaunt is in Grafton, Iwould like to remind you that so is the Grafton Police department


Another happy customer of Richard Bertone and Karon Shea

I definitely feel like this is an "agency" that is not on the up and up. To a certain degree it is most definitely my own fault for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. The Bertone photoshoot was pretty much a joke. I spent $795 for him to show up more than half an hour late and he spent less than 2 hours actually taking pictures. The total number of shots came out to just over 400 and while I had maybe 6 changes there was no hair/makeup person to give me a hand really with anything. I'm just glad that when I went with my fiancee to NYC to get her professional acting headshots done the shoot, which was far more thorough and professional cost about half of what Bertone/Shea/Wood were charging. Oh yeah, that photoshoot I had was in July of '07 and I didn't get the comp cards back until late October/early November. I was told all these positive things and the closest I came to getting any sort of job or notice was an audition for an American Idol type show called Casting Call that was being judged by Joe Piscopo, Morgan Fairchild, and Adrian Zmed and hosted by the extraordinarily unfunny comic, Dan Levy. They filmed my acting audition, told me that I would be moving on to their finals in New Orleans and never heard from them again. The whole thing is a joke and KSMM is a joke.