A person comes forward seeking a civial action against Karon Shea Model Management

I received this email today and wanted everybody to see it, hopefully Karon Shea will do the right thing and refund this persons money

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I am in the process of getting my affairs in order with a law firm here in Boston. Why? Well, unfortunately, I am one of those who paid the 800 bucks because I had the "look." As soon as I did so, I realized that I was being scammed and called and asked for my money back. I got nothing in return. I called again and talked to no one but the receptionist. I finally received a call from Jon and after giving me some bull about what the contract said, he told me to call that Monday and I would get my money back. What did I get when I called on Monday? An answering machine and since then, I have not received a call since.

Since my last call, I have sent an email alert to the contact person, Hayley, stating that I was pursuing the matter with a law firm my sister works with. Again, nothing.

I find it funny that I came across this site today, as I am about to call Karen Shea today to give them the law firm's fax number. I am very much looking forward to hearing if they respond after that.

I don't want to drag this out any longer than it has to, I just want my money back. I never set up an appointment with their "photographer," I never received any services from them. Yet, they cashed my check right away. If they want to make this difficult, then so be it, let's go to court. I have a feeling people with similar stories to mine will be happy to join in.


Anonymous said...

Let the State know, Dept. of Safety. They can also help you recoup your money without a lot of lawyers fees. There is a link to the complaint form on this site. That put her license to operate on the line.

Anonymous said...

you cant get your money back after your photoshoot and having you pictures printed. you sign paperwork stating you approved the 5 selected images for your composite cards

Anonymous said...

I have the same story as any one else up here. " I got the looks, personality, perfect age, etc..." Only difference being that I payed the eight hundred dollars and never even got a composite card...this was due mainly to the day of the actual photo shoot. ~ You see after the initial interview with john and Karon, I too was called,..the following MORNING at that~!(I should have known at that point that something was up since i'd think a REAL agency would take atleast a wk to call back...in assuming that a Real agency would have real talent with REAL experience. one can only think they would be busy working on current projects with all of the clients and supposed extensive connections they claim to have had to actually take the far too immediate time to call some person with no talent and even less experience THE EARLY MORNING directly after this "1st interview") ...anyway unfortunately having left my common sense behind that alley they are located in, I wanted to believe that maybe it really WAS the big break I always dreamed of. That morning phone call was John telling me that they ABSOLUTELY loved me (a lot of emphasis he had) so much and that of the entire group that went in for the first interview, ONLY 4 were asked to come back for that second interview and/or signing with the company. So...ofcourse with that level of excitement he built in me I jumped the gun and went back to that dingy back alley building the following day. It was to my extreme surprise that such a high ranking agency would want to sign on clients by the bundle tho...you see, rather than having that 2nd meeting solo, which is what i had expected since the 1st was done in group, he had ALL of the 'amazing lucky four' come at the same time. He gave us a quick run down,.. mainly showed us some stacks of composite cards and fancy magazine adds whose models pictured in them were said to have been hired through being represented by the karon shea agency. Then yes, precisely as others had stated as well, john went on to persist that tho the cards can be done by another photographer other than richard bertone, it would be un likely that the shots would be acceptable and we would have to "unfortunately do it again " and since john really claimed to would have "hated seeing us loose our money like that, the wise choice was really to go with THEIR photographer." Yeah,..I guess since Richard has been with the company for sooo long , only HE holds the 'true' knowledge of what types of shots they need in order for our cards to really stick out and get our faces out there.
He was very convincing. . . to the two poor souls who actually ate up his bull and payed over ... I negletively enough had to be one of those fools. The bigger more insane of the two actually cause I paid john straight up cash.~which he by the way claimed that neither he nor Karon made ANYTHING out of. No profit for them huh??? Hmmm...but I was of the honorable four...I should have felt lucky, right?

So what ever...remaining hopeful, being that it was all that i was left with since my pockets and purse were clear cut and dry for the following weeks...I went to this supposed 'OH SO' profesional 800.00 shoot, which was told to along with this acclaimed photographer, we would also be having a hair and make up artist provided there on site for us...sounded great anyway... If that was the case any way. !!! :o*
...Either John has some serious communication problems, is a big fat liar, or he's just burdened with a mental illness of retardation on top of that condescending two faced mind.
UM ... I am going with the second two of the reasons for his dis- truthful nature as an ill ass poor example of putting the word human with being. For a real man travels by the beat of his heart, and with every heart comes some feeling of eventually seeing the bad in all that well practiced decieving.

...Like I said b4...i had already handed over the cash so there i was, stuck in some supposed prof photo shoot.
It was immediately after entering the front door way of one of richards studios in Hudson MA that I sensed something was funny and not right. You see john told my group of the "Fabulous 4" that we were the ONLY individuals from the entire group in that 1st interview to have gotten a call back from the agency...

so why was it that as i was entering the building, simultaneously out comes a man holding some suits or clothing of sorts, neatly hung within those protective zippered clothing bags. . . who not only seemed apparant to must have just come out of a shoot himself...but he also looked strangely familiar. Not too strange tho, as since it did not even take me the full ride up a few floors in that elevator to remember where i HAD seen that man before.....and what do ya know, HE TOO was at the same first interview group as I...but wait a minute...he was not in the fab 4~~~remember~~~the ONLY ONES Karon and John sought to re contact from the group. The ones who were told to by john that we should feel privelage and pride in that we were THE Chosen Ones.
OR SO WE HAD BEEN OVER TOLD. Pressed it in hard enough to believe. Because it was then that I did see that if that man from my group was meeting with richard, imagine who else to even numbers of how many they lead in to their trap, by exclaiming those same illusive falsified malicious UN-facts. For between the three of them it is surely all a contorted act that they neglected to pre-read the script and unfortunately slipped. Caught in their lies...But I still have no proof to justify...other than my reciept for the "composite card"...which was not worth going back to the agency to choose pictures for because that photographer could have cared nada about how i looked...what i wore or how i stood.
It was even more to my extreme surprise, by my first step into that tiny room with big lights. immediately after sitting in that chair facing the mirror; holding such high anticipations of being made up to look like a star... waiting for some hair fashionista or make up guru to come lurking in from the run down factory halls .. . .looking around that small studio, it was still just he Richard, and myself...So I finally asked him when the hair and make up people were coming,..he responded by telling me that he was it...hmmm???

Well, considering that this man was put on such a high pedistal for the extreme quality and precise knowledge of his hard renowned work within the modeling field,..
One, being myself, would have thought he at least knew the difference between a good make up and hair job for an 800 dollar shoot ... and a solid foul stank former clown school quick do~~~ No joke, I looked like a black eyed racoon that was hit by a steam roller. . . my hair was barely touched to look like ANYTHING even nearing descency; no brush, no bounce or slight enhancing touch,,, Nothing!!... and i can also bet that my male friends fighting our wars out in Iraq could have applied makeup on me with merely the dirt of their boots souls with 100 times the quality of that of which was preformed by the so called well acclaimed MR Richard Bertone~!


So there I was,.. a single mom of a five yr old who poorly decided to throw all of our, at that time rescent christmas earnings, into
a plate of over expired cheese~~~~
Dam rotten!
For 800.00 I have about 1000 crappy pics of myself up on mr bertones image web site, none of which BTW i have copies of or even have any access to ever print ... unless of course I, as Mr Bertone stated, "paid 25 or 30 dollars for each printed picture i may want"... now wait a minute... Where the heck did that $800.00 go?...hmmm....
well sadly enough for myself and more sad for my son;..
one place I know it DID NOT go, .. the one and only place it should have gone and was originally saved up for... A place where those 5 yrs of savings while struggling to even keep food on the table, could never be re created or re constructed...
even those true to life fantasies and supposed dreams. The ones that always come true for the one lucky princess of that fairest of all lands;
...even they are not real...neither the drawn out stories or the bright colored characters...they are All Fantasies.
What could have been mine and my sons first vacation together instead fell into the land of lost hopes and thieves....
And dam ya know, as I truely admit to have enjoyed watching the Peter Pan movie growing up; I sure as heck would have been much better off just staying the F away from Captain Hooks ship~~~Its about all of any thing close to Disney World that i got to or will get to see for at least another few yrs...
So to all of you out there who want to know...stay the heck off that ship. I don't believe in any of those three scam artists: Karon Shea, John and Richard Bertone;
the only place where I have seen them as being truly acclaimed is in claiming other peoples hard earned savings.

...oh...and just as an added remark~~~If mr. Bertone is really hired and used by that agency for all of his PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. If he is the only one we are pushed to use because supposedly he is oh sooo Knowledgable of what kinds of shots Karon Shea wants to represent and show off her company and high status....

Then why on earth was he pushing for nude shots behind white curtains???......yeah I don't know too much about profesionalism but that sure as heck does not seem like a shot that ANY composite card would have on it. Maybe some cute lingerei or something...MAY~BE>>>
I just know I was not there to try to get into the next penthouse edition either...so my conclusion is Richard is a pervert on top of everything else wrong with their little scam.

...Since I DO still have the reciept for my outstanding payment, and obviously saw and got NOTHING from my 800.00...no card....and never another call from mr. eager john again...At first He tries to make you feel that you SHOULD feel privilaged to even have access to his cell phone number...making himself seem like a real legit agent who we can call and will call right back to us for all our acting needs...Well it is he who should feel privelaged...lucky that some one has not yet drive by styles gone shot him down on the grungy streets of nasty Worcestor....how eva the hell you spell it....none of it is right.

Please, if any one thinks I have any sort of a basis or slight mere chance to be able to get that money back... please...i plead for support in kicking these folk in a place where they truly deserve...
and ultimately to that a place where they all really belong... Altogether GONE~!!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. now but really...to mr. Anonymous two up from here...if those photos were never reviewed to be chosen, printed, composited or ever seen again...and since supposedly that money was mostly to pay the fee for those cards (how much the photographer should get, if at all any for his time is what I would question)...the company never spent any further time with me and I didn't even walk away with any pictures to bring home!!!Even tho john stated at the worc. office that there would be no problem for richard to give us our own cd written copy, granted that we ask him to do so...that of course too was a lie...So I want to know what and where exactly would my money have gone to? and since I got nothing, do i have a case to recieve any if not all of my 800 back???
Please, if any one knows and could help me....is it worth the fight?