I find it truly amazing that so many people are great full to me for posting this blog, I have to wonder how much money was truly generated on Head shots from people wanting to live the dream. I am amazed at how many people have read these postings from all over the country. At least with this blog out there when people do internet research on the web they will see these postings and opinions and hopefully form there own. On a side note I am amused at my rankings on Google, depending on what you type in the search field.

I think it is great what you are doing. Until I had read your first posts some time back, I had that terrible feeling like I was scammed though had no proof. I've brought people to justice in the past for crossing me and I'll tell you this is exciting. I will help in any way I can - let me know.

I was looking for John's number to bid him a proper fair-well if he were to fall into laws grip. An anonymous Good riddance I say - I'll do what I can to help purify the system.


Anonymous said...

978-457-1231 .... thats John's cell phone number as of february when i got scammed out of my 800 dollars. I've yet to hear anything from them since.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, thanks for all your help, everyone here helped open my eyes. I was looking forward to going to Manchester tomorrow.
I JUST GOT A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER TODAY. A dude named John, just moved from LA all that shit, sounded serious. Thing is i got a real audition to go to in Hanover, MA tomorrow. I just finished wrapping a movie, and a movie called OxyMorons is gonna be filmed soon.
This guy called me today and said all these auditions are coming up and its a first impression thing. What a scammer!!!