This just in as or 4:33 pm Nov 19th

Beware Of John Wood he is working from the Cinderella Modeling Agency in New Hampshire!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "John Wood has decided to create another way to mak...": Well well people guess what John is at Cinderella agency in NH now and still running the same lines..not sure if they are a scam or what but I'm not wasting my money on it...have fun and beware... Posted by Anonymous to Do you feel that you got scammed by Karon Shay Model Management and John Wood at November 19, 2008 4:33 PM


Anonymous said...

I've met this man at a casting call. Salesman, yes but as I see it it's my money and I have seen allot of packages and it's price just like the rest of them. What's the big deal?
I think that whoever this MARC guy is, has the issues. I've never read threw more of the same postings just reworded with the same typo's.Me thinks it's the same person....

Anonymous said...

Well what idiot wrote that..".me thinks its the same person"and they were commenting on the spelling errors. How about correct grammar!