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The sole reason that this blog exists is to share with you the experiences of many people that have had contact with John Wood, Karon Shea, and Richard Bertone in regards to their business ethics. You are free to share with the blog your personal experience i.e. experience, professionalism, work ethic, etc. Please remember to formulate your own opinions after reading this.If these are people you feel that can help further your career by all means use them! I am asking for good and bad experiences. How have they helped your career? How much work are you getting from them? What did you like about them? Would you recommend them? I am interested in hearing it all and I will continue to post. I created this blog on the overwhelming response I received on Craig's List to A simple question; "Could you please share with me your experience in regards to Karon Shea Model Management, John Wood or Richard Bertone, I am thinking about signing with them." Remember this blog is all about opinions and the information contained within can not be confirmed or denied, it’s strictly about your opinion. Which, I might add is your truth? Thank you, and please be respectful of other opinions even if you disagree with them.


Anonymous said...

I have followed this blog basically because its amusing. And yes, before you all bitch and moan at me...I do have too much time on my hands. So, I look to get a good laugh. And you people have kept me laughing. Mostly the people that are attempting to defend Karen Shea and Richard Bertone. YOu comments are all misspelled, written in poor gramatics and make no sense.
What I think everyone thats writing in has forgotten was that this blog was started to get opinions. If the opinions stated were all rosy and wonderful about the three it would have gone away by now. But it appears that once Mr. Reese got such negative responses he formed this sound board to hopefully prevent more people from being scammed.

Some of you write in saying HOW IS THIS A SCAM!!!! Well, are you reading. How is it not a scam. If Karon Sheas had been placing those ads on CL for 3 years, with John as the speaker at the meetings held. And he told everyone that they were accepted and promised them pipe dreams and is now doing the same thing in NH at Cinderella with the same posting from CL just with the name of the agency changed. And then saying the same speech at Cinderellas as he said at Karen Sheas. How is that not a scam? This is just my opinion that I formed by looking at the proof of the two CL posting that Mr. Reese has posted on here. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Now those of you who are spouting off names at Mr. Reese, shame on you. You would probably be the first babies in line whining if you got scammed. Good for you if you didn't. But many people have. Do you all like those Nigerian scams that people ate pulling? The ones where they ask you cash a check, and then send it back to them...whatever bull crap it is. No, becasue they are scamming people out of hard earned money and they are scumbags for doing it.
Yes, it is everyones choice to by or not and yes everything is this country is marked up in order for people to make a buck. But, promises have been made and mony has been taken from people that have no chance of modeling in thios lifetime. Thats where the scam comes in. Not offering people the choice of other photographers other than Mr. Bertone, is where the scam comes in.
Now, next which is my opinion and one that I have formulated based on the evidence, if Richard was part of the scam then why is he traveling around with John still? If someone was just a business associate and they were scamming people would you want to be a part of that? Unless of course you were an essential part of that scam.
And the proof of that is also in the fact that Mr. Bertone is doing photoshoots for models at Karen Sheas for only $225 but hey are normally somewhere in the range of $700-$1000. I do not see how an intro package of 3 outfits versus 5 and no comp cards equals another $450-$750. AND if I was one of the people currently with Karen Sheas that was told to go with him in the first place for the $795 or more, I would be completely bullshit. Its not like Karen Sheas has come up wit new intro package because they are working with a new photographer. Its the same damn one.
So, do you all get pissed and scream from the hills when the newspapers report a scam. Or are you thankful so that if you encountered you now be aware to avoid it.!!! Thats all Mr. Reeses has done. So why are you all so angry and hostile towards him?
Start opening your eyes and asking yourselves these questions:
1-Why are all the stories the same?
2-Why are the same people involved?
3-Would they benefit from this scam?
4-Whyw ould all these people
be writing in and making up these stories?
5-Wht vendettas does Mr. Reese or anyone else have against these 3 to go to these lengths to supposedly smear them?
6-How well do you friends really know your friends? I am sure most of the frined sand family of the people involved in the Enron scandal thought they knew them well too. Hilary knew Bill before the Monica scandal....

Anonymous said...

Well, as I read your comments your English, spelling is about the same!!!
There will always be people not happy on what they get. Yes I some people got the cards late for Karen. She Put it off on the printer. Bottom line they were late. How is that the fault of the photographer??? Know you sat you don't like his work.... YOU did when you signed up for the shoot!!!
You don't like John, he's a salesmen. DUH!! ya Companies have them. You KNOW don't like how much you paid? But it was when you wrote the check!!
That is there price, I paid it and feel good about it. I learned a lot at the photo shoot and got some great photos. I've been sent on go sees, and done two photo jobs. I know other that have not, but that is the modeling business.
SCAM noway! Only to the folks that look for that fast buck as a model or actor. It could take a few years to get going. But you will not with out the tools to do it.
And way I'm some what anonymous is Mr Reese here is a stocker, I don't need him calling me.
In fact I beet you don't post this because I know a ton of people that sent in GOOD VIEWS never made it on your blog. You say oh never got it. BS
Mary B

Anonymous said...
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