How to spot the scam

Many people wonder if they are getting scammed I hope this post helps you:

"The agent should not recommend one photographer, and you do not pay the agency, you deal directly with the photographer." -- Nina Blanchard, The Nina Blanchard Agency

"Beware of photo pushers. They are seemingly legitimate talent agencies who make money by receiving kickbacks from photographers. The agent's advice may sound helpful, but the photo 'deal' will cost an exorbitant amount of money." -- Erik Joseph, Author, The Glam Scam

"If a so-called talent agent sends you to a particular photographer for pictures, hold your wallet tight and run for the nearest exit! Chances are the 'agent' is a phony who makes money splitting the photographer's fee." -- Los Angeles Office of the Consumer Protection Agency of the Federal Trade Commission

Paying $1,000 for comp cards to an agency which is a promotional agency, not a modeling agency, is ridiculous. Promotional "modeling" pays $15/hour. Therefore The model may never make more from modeling than the cost of the comp cards. In fact, the model may never even make anything. The model would have to work for more than 65 hours at $15/hr just to break even and to pay off the $1,000 comp cards. There are modeling agencies where models do not have to pay for their photos until after they work. It comes out of their first paycheck. This is the only way to check and balance expensive modeling photos. It does not put the model at risk or in a financial hole.


1. A truly interested agent will never ask you for money.
2. A legitimate modeling agency will never ask you to pay up front for your own test shots or pay to build your own portfolio.
3. Another thing that models legitimately need but should never be expected to pay for is a comp card.
4. Becoming a model should not cost you any money up front, even for things that sound legit like professional modeling lessons.
5. Finally, but very importantly, no legitimate modeling agency or agent will ask you to take nude or suggestive photographs, no matter how “tasteful” the presentation.


Modeling Conventions: Modeling conventions is a way to cheat aspiring models out of thousands of dollars. This is how most of these scams work; they will have an open modeling cast for aspiring models. Once you arrive, they will look at your photos and give you a weak line about how you have the potential to become a model. They may take a photo and ask to keep the picture for their own references. You then are sent back home and told that they will call you if interested. Once they do call, they will send you an invitation by mail or phone to attend a modeling convention. They claim that in this convention, you will get picked by modeling agents that are desperately searching for fresh new models. There is only one thing; they require a "small" one time fee of $5000! This should yell scam. These are only scammers out to profit from young aspiring models who never have the attention of signing you. Stay away from modeling conventions. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/649461/how_to_spot_and_avoid_modeling_scams.html?cat=7

Ihope this helps


Anonymous said...

All Boston Modeling agents CHARGE!!
You reported that MASS MODELS Charge 500 bucks to look and pick out and print comp cards... Come on they all make some $$ off this. And the STATE said it's OK to do that!!
Please if you think your going to get a free ride and not pay, your out of your mind. So they (any agent) does this free for you and then you bug out , not show up, not be on time where the client fires you, HOW does the agent get his/her money back?? THEY DON"T....
That is way you pay for your photos,cards,prints.

Take from a model that's been and still in the business for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I am a very seasoned model as well. I agree with a few things and disagree with others.
1-I completely agree that all agencies charge for pictures and comps. Since models do not punch a time clock and their are no paychecks being withheld etc., how do agencies recoup their losses when models decide to not show up for jobs. Let me tell you this happens more than you know. I don't know why since its relatively good money compared to anything else. I see it alot in the you younger generations that seem to not care about anything but themselves nowadays. If they wake up and just don't feel like going, well, they aren't going. And the agency now loses that client!
So if the agency had funded the pictures and comp cards where are they at now.
2-It is illegal in the state of MA. unless the agency tells you they are charging you a fee in writing. Lets face it some of these prices are just insane.
3-Why would it be a scam if an agency refers a photographer? Shouldn't they be the ones to know who does good work. Over the years I have shot with many photographers and not all of them were worth the time. If I had paid them I would be very upset.

Anonymous said...

You stated your not model or actor! RIGHT?
And never worked as one! So as I read your comments and really most of these are yours. What is your hard-on for this John guy?
MODEL AGENTS make money on commission, that's true. But THEY will NOT FRONT dollars for your photos and other items. I've seen it a few times, long ago, years.
So stop making sound you know it all. You don't..
What you know is, what you GOOGLE and a lot of that is out dated.
And for a test of your statements I called KSSM, MASS MODELS, TONN,MODELS CLUB, and Dynasty. I left out my agent MAGGIE because I know what she does, I'm one of her models for years. And YES I PAY for what I need, comps, photos, mailing out of my book, ETC.

And they ALL HAVE AND GIVE OPTIONS on who to shoot with, but will steer you to one they like more. KSSM seems to like three photographers more from there list of 5 they gave me. Models Club the same, and so on.

"I asked John and Karon to see their portfolio and all I saw was some yellowed news print ad."
AND? I had a friend go to Mass MODELS because they live in there town. She Told me it looked like a Day School with photos glued on the walls like a strap book. YOU DID GO THERE and gave them a Thumbs up! RIGHT? No real work to show you. So WHY do you have this HARD ON for John, Karen and Richard?
I've seen his work, lots of people have shoot with him here in NY and Miami. Lots from MAGGIE'S. What's your beef there?

"If you haven't noticed John Wood never puts his name in any of his Craigs list ads, why? Again my opinion and I am the foremost authority on my opinion"
Well most of the ads don't have names on them.. I think they all should..
What's your Name? You hide as well!!

And Know I'm not giving you mine, that would be to creepy for me to have you email me. I think AND THIS IS MY OPINION that you have a problem and personal one and the only way you get of is by finding whoever to go at and make OPTIONS about and see who comments on them. And YES I'm seem to be helping you in your sick game. For that I'm sorry for.

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? "Sixth It is my blog and I am free to write and say what ever I choose to. Again I am posting my opinions and that of others, Its called Freedom of speech."
Yes that is true anyone can say anything.. BUT YOU LIE. What do you mean you don't have to prove what you say. It's that the point if it's true you can can back up your opinion?
As I thought your a gutless wounder and you pray on folks that work for a living. You can't stand that. Your Opinion is that people should just take photos, prints and not get paid??
YOU and EVERYONE of the people that go to either KSSM , Models Club or any other agency or Richard or any another photographer Can either PAY THE PRICE THAT THEY ASK or NOT. FREE WILL.
So You have nothing but free time on your hands and think your a sounding board for folks.
And That's not an OPTION... THAT"S THE TRUE..
Hope you post this, you low life.

ME said...

people need a comp card to go to auditions and go-see's. I tell this to models w no cards or head shots that if they want to go they can, but their competing against models WITH cards. so in the end they really wasting their own time. and how are they going to get jobs when the agency sends their cards to client, with a snap shot? Models can bitch and complain, but you need the tools to land jobs. and agencies do not pay for cards. that only happens if your a high fashion model 5'9+ under 120lbs in NYC or LA.
Maggie is one of the best agencies, and they DO NOT have a website. so who cares if Richard doesn’t

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for awhile now. This is obviously Richard doing most of these postings. When he becomes unhinged he makes many typos. He has a very angry temper. Anyway, It seems that Richard now has a lot of time on his hands, your blog has definatly slowed his and John's business. They have been forced to travel throughout New England looking for "New Talent" It's about time someone expose him and John. Richard likes people to believe that he is some hot shot photographer, If that was the case what happened at Miss Mass.He tells people that he took down his website because people were stealing his picture off line,Thats total garbage.Richard it seems that your chickens are comming home to roost. I always get a good laugh when I google either you, John, or Karen and see links to this blog come up either under or over yours and her name.I dont necessarly agree with some of the opinions on this blog but what I find funny is that you and John conned people and now you are reaping your rewards of what you have done. Hey I hear Glamor Shots is hireing. I also find it funny that when your name is mentioned in professional circles it always gets a good laugh. With so much talent you claim to have I'm surprised more agiencies arent banging down your door begging you for work, but I guess it's your lie tell it anyway you want to.