Karon Shea gives a refund!

Karon does not want to deal with the state if you have a complaint with her and go to the state you have a chance of getting your money back. Karon does not want to run the risk of loosing her licenses...

This is my second post, just want to give an update.

I'm happy to say that we did get our money back in full for our comp cards. I put in a complaint with with employment agency (Commonwealth of Mass.) and we didn't even have to go to the hearing. Karon called and we settled over the phone.


Anonymous said...

I think that more people should step up and demand a refund. Or maybe some should demand their payment for modeling services. I just found out that one of my friends daughters modeled for Family Fun Magazine last year and they have still not been paid the $100 owed to them. Thats a shame! The child did the work, not Karon.I wonder how Family Fun would feel if they knew that they had used omages of someone when they had not paid.
My friend has asked Karon to no avail. I suggested she check this out contact Family Fun and let them know, then file with the state.

Then, whats this casting scout Jean Scott coming to Karons agency to scout kids and teens. Any smart perosn would google the women and realize the name is not affialted with anyone. If she had discovered anyone in the past, she would get a hit when you google them. More lies and shams! I say parents stay away. If your kid got a job, they wouldn't be paid anyways.

Anonymous said...

I have done a ton of work with Karen.
And really find your comments to be out of line. What demand for a refund? I see the same person here venting the same old crap!
You paid for and got a photo shoot, make up, comp cards. DONE! There is what do you think your entitled too?
Myself and my two girls have been with Karen. I see not a problem here with the services I got.
And please GOOGLE is not the end all to say who or is not what they say.

Anonymous said...

Hi I posted a comment and thought you said you was just posting what you get At lease that's what you said in an earlier posting from you. Fair to both sides!!! Just reporting the good the bad, etc. Your given people to a chance to support Karen, but you say NO ONE steps up!. Well I did.
As I see it your not fair. And should say your sorry to all that you have lied too.
Lets see if you have the stones to post this? Mr No really I'm fair!


Anonymous said...

One person and her two daughters have gotten lots of work at Karon Sheas, there's some positive feedback. I mean someone has to get work right? As the other person wrote her friends daughter did get work, just didn't get paid! That's not the same thing right! Its against the law to not pay people for services rendered. Didn't notice that person commenting on thatthough.
Google is not the end all, I agree. But I also have a friend who's daughter is in another teaching program out of RI for acting and modeling. They brought in a scout like Karon is doing. If you google this person you get the agency they are with and some of the stories their name is tied to for success stories etc. This old hag Jean Scott, nothing! Why do the IMTA people have to go back? Didn't she all ready meet them? And why at a seperate time? Maybe for a different sales pitch? Someone has to take Johns place and make Karon money.

Anonymous said...

You all are up set with anyone having a sales staff! Companies have them, sales people sell.
About google, I know a few very big people that are not findable on google. If they or some one esle never posted a thing on them it's not going to show up.
The person in the last post seems to think he has info about Jean.
What I think is it's the guy that used to work for IMTA and is not happy with them canning him.
See I went threw IMTA had a good time. BUT met a man that was not happy with himself. NEEDED all the glory, that he made the model-actor.
Anyway. Bitch on people, or the two or three of you that keep on posting. It's all the same.

Anonymous said...

What makeup? Are you refering to what Richard Bertone does, PLEASE! I hardly call that getting your hair and makeup done.
Richard why don't you get a fucking life and stop posting anonymously trying to make yourself sound better than you are. I mean those of us that know you well, know that it is you on here posting at all times of the night. I mean how many normal men are trolling my space and blogs at all hours? Notice I said normal.!
Hows your hot, young wife? NOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, this really kind of sounds like John Wood doesn't it?

New Model Talent Agency (Manchester NH)

Reply to: job-930815991@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-23, 11:12AM EST

We are coming to Manchester NH with our agency Jan 02,2009. Are you represented by a go nowhere, promise everything agency? Tired of answering ads only to be sold a portfolio? If you have the look, we represent you. Plain and simple.
Please reply with your email addresses for up date on office. We are selective, we will contact models we can book. email comp cards,files over 1 meg will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I went to a open casting call with Cinderella. When I did some research I came across this blog. I am glad I never did business with him. Actually I cant believe anybody does business with him or anyone asociated with him.

John if you read this your a fucking joke con artist! Shame on you for trying to steal peoples dreams and money.

Oh I am amazed that he even uses the same lines. I have alearted the AG in NH TO have Cinderella and John Wood investigated.

me said...

well maybe you should get the name right its JEAN PAGE! you ppl know nothing ...keep googling jean scott ...im laughing my ass off.

i knew this would be blogged. you know nothing on how scouts work or who she is and why she is in worcester

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew sooner that KSMM is a scam. I did one promotional work with them and they are not trying to pay me. I called their office many times and a girl name Haley always picks up and tells me that Bill nor Karon are in the office. However, one time I managed to reach Bill Shea (after called 12 times) and once he realized that it was me on the line, he hung up on me. I emailed him many times, and he has not replied to any of them. Do not do work with them and all I wish that I never fell into his little scam.

Reesa said...

ps. what makeup done? I had to do my own hair and makeup. The most amount of money you should ever pay for photos if your not the one receiving the money for the shoot is $300