Karon Has A Blog!

Karon Shea now has a blog and is interested in hearing what people think. Tell Karon directly. Please leave your comments here as well. Check out her site and tell her John Wood and Richard what you think, please be respectful. I guess Karon does not want to believe what has been posted on this blog. If I were her I would take to heart how people feel they were treated. The only reason this blog continues to grow as it does is because of all the opinions I have received.



Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog quite by accident. It seems there are a lot of people who like to sling mud here while hiding behind the veil of free speech and being anonymous, as I note the owner of this blog is. This alone makes me doubt the sincerity of the “service” being provided and reeks of axe grinding.

You are all part of the problem. Those of you who complain about specific issues without having the guts to say who you are leaves me to think that this is nothing more than a bitch fest. Perhaps these "opinions" are all written by the same person who was fired by this Shea person, or Wood's x boyfriend/girlfriend or a model who thought he/she was going to be star despite lacking the height or ability, who is to know really.
I can tell you that quoting Nina Blanchard reflects a total lack of awareness of the industry today. Nina went the way of way of the dinosaurs and the industry of five years ago is not the industry of today.
I doubt you can get anything done for free by anyone qualified, as I understand it free tests belonged to the 5'11 15 year olds that were one shot away from a Vogue cover, not secondary market commercial models or want to be actors.
NE has lost almost 100% of its original commercial work despite being one of the top commercial markets in the country. Cleveland has more than Boston this is because of the amount of amateurs in the industry spewing forth nonsense and not getting with the reality of the business.
If you want to really help, find answers to the following questions:
Who does things better? What was done wrong? Were the shots out of focus or in poor taste, if so why did you do them? As for the girls that got naked, were they forced to do that or did they want that kind of stuff? Have any of you looked at MySpace recently, get real! Everyone wants that Maxim garbage. Does this agency not get you work? Is there even work to get? Who is a better photographer?
Maggie is the best and only real agency in New England, but she does not get all the work so who else works? Answer those questions with your name and stand by your opinions, otherwise this is a bitch fest. I do not have an ID but my name is Jon and my girlfriend is a model who just moved to NE for college SHe is with Maggie and Elite in LA.

Anonymous said...

guess they are hoping for some good publicity from it or to stop your from popping up first when people are googling them.
I tried to go today but it has been removed. They probably got some not so favorable ones and decided this was not a bright idea!

Anonymous said...

No I think it was THIS BLOGGER trying to trick people onto sending comments in. His BLOG really is BS and he knows it. I called over to KSSM and NO ONE there open a BLOG.
He, (THE BLOGGER) must of got wind the police gotting call. Opening up a blog under someone other than your self is against the law.

Anonymous said...

Get real. Why would he start a blog in karons name now after 4 or 5 months of his own.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what "Jon" guy wrote. But what everyone keeps forgetting when they go here is that this guy Mark, who has not masked his identity, its right out there who he is, started this blog in response to his CL ad about Karen Shea. He was trying to be a wise consumer and check out his purchase first i.e.the agency and the photography. Since he got such bad responses he started the blog to warn others.

Here is where the problems arise:
John Wood promised everyone they could be stars. That right there is a well known scam in this industry. He forced everyone to use the services of this second rate photographer Richard Bertone, also a scam and illegal in the state of Mass. John plugged this guy to be some fabulous and basically well known photographer when in truth he isn't. Yes, I know what you are saying noone literally forced any of these people to do it. But most people would kill for their 15 mins. Of fame and are very susceptible to this kinds of cons. So does it make it right that they weren't physically forced, they wrote the checks or gave cash of their own free will? Of course not, its a scam no different than other where innocent people were conned. Plain and SIMPLE!!!!

Marc said...

OK, let me set the record straight. I did not start a blog in Karon Shea's name. Whoever did. The ip address from the computer that created was recorded in a log file on Bolger’s server, which means it can be traced. If this would ever go to court I have kept all emails I have received and I can produce those as well.

I have been with in my rights legally in regards to this blog and Karon Richard and John don't like it. I would love for this to go to court so then they would be exposed in a public forum. They defiantly don't want that.

Don’t think for a moment that they did not try to do everything in their power to have this blog removed. Before I wrote this blog I discussed it with a lawyer and guess what I'm safe and the blog is still here.

John Wood and Karon Shea tried to scam me and a friend of mine. I decided not to take this lying down so I started this blog.This blog was started to tell people about my experience and the experience of other people that had used Karon Shea Model Management.

The postings you see on the blog are people's opinions and then people comment on those opinions. I have told people to use their best judgment after reading anything from this blog.

I don't need to pose as Karon Shea to get people to a blog, my Google page rankings bring more than enough people to this site.

I wish there was no need for this blog; sadly that is not the case. As long as I keep getting emails and comments I will continue to post. I make no money from this blog and again I wish there was no need for it. I'm doing it for consumer awareness. As the old saying goes buyer beware.

I do not hide behind this blog or blog title. Karon, John and Richard all know who I am as I have made myself perfectly clear several times.

I have asked several times for people to send me positive comments about their experiences with any of the three. I have not received any positive feed back stating otherwise. I have been more than fair in regards to what I post; I can’t post what I don’t get.

I have no regrets for posting this blog. In my opinion John Wood and Karon Shea tried to con me out of my money. I do not need to pose behind some blog named after Karon Shea to try and get comments. I have my own. I also would not proactively promote Karon Shea's business.

I received an email posted anonymously informing me of her blog on Friday. It went up on Friday then violated the terms of service on Saturday morning and I believe it was taken down last night.

Let me state again for the record. In my opinion John Wood is a liar and a con Artist that is my opinion of him. Karon Shea hired him and was warned by the owner of another modeling agency to beware. Karon ignored her, so in my opinion she is equally as guilty. Again these are my opinions you may have a different experience of them.

So give me a break on trying to frame me for trying to set up a blog in Karon's' name. I have no time for that. If you don't like the blog don't read it. Instead of attacking me say something positive about Karon or John.

So again if after reading this blog posting you feel confident that Karon Shea is the one who will get your career to the next level go ahead and use her. If you Think John Wood truly has your best interest at heart give him your money. If Richard is the photographer that you believe is going to be the best one out there to capture your image on film use him I don't care. It’s your money not mine. I gain nothing by you doing business with them.

How ever remember if you choose to use them remember you were warned. There is no urgency to signing with them, there are other agencies and photographers out there; maybe you should do your homework, again that is my opinion.