As I said I will post every comment I get good or bad

The following 3 postings have come from the same person who sent me an email telling me that Karon Shea had a blog. Since Friday her blog was taken down. I was accused of setting up that blog; which is absolutely not true. Again this is a forum for people that have had experience or opinion with Karon Shea Model Management, Richard Bertone, and John Wood. They all took part or had a part with what I believe the scam involved.

Email 1 has been edited. I could not post the entire email because it had nothing to do whith this blog.In response to email 3 I will state again that I did seek legal advise to protect myself from a law suite and given the nature of this blog I felt it the responsible thing to do. I did this so that I knew what I could and could not post or say.

Again I will state if you have something constructive to say either good or bad I will post it, as long as it is constructive. I believe these posts came from either John Wood Or Richard Bertone. Email 1 favors Karon Shea, John Wood, and Richard Bertone.The other 2 just attack my character and integrity.

Email 1 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 11:42 AM

I was one of those people that went to KAREN SHEAS, talk to John Wood. NEVER was promised the world as you say. People hear what they want to here because they sorted out the services from KSSM, they answered an ad. everyone wants to get there 15 mins, it's not a free ride people. and never a given.
Yes he talk about if I worked at my craft I COULD DO WELL.. "COULD"
I'm an actor and I paid the money of my own free will. John told me about RICHARD and other photographers, I PICKED WHO I WANTED TO USE!!
Had a GREAT SHOOT, which took 4 plus hours. Got all that was paid for. And I did do my home work. I got prices, 5 others from agents to just photographers and they came in with in 100 bucks +/-.

Email 2 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 2:53 PM

Marc, See your a lier !!!!
And I know this wont get posted either.
I sent you a post that said I was very happy with the work and photos I got from KSSM. YOU DIDN'T post it?
Hide behind your lies of the blog.

Email 3 Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 9:39 PM

you discussed it with a lawyer?? so you actually paid someone for their time to talk about putting up a blog? wow no life.


Anonymous said...

Marc. post what you want!Not want is sent to you. You left out some of my post.
That is way your blog is unfair to the ones you stock. But I guess it should be expected for you. Truth, not here. Just a few folks in the long run that should of never been looking for there 15 mins, because they don't want to work for it.
Like you!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for what I have read on this blog. I had met John Wood a few months ago. At that point I did not have the ability to pay him the 800 dollars he had asked for. I have to admit he was very convincing,fake tan, earrings,leather jacket, sports car etc. He talked a good game.I was able to save up the money and attempted to call him back.I called the karen shay model management and I was told he was fired and they had no other information on him. I was doing some research on other agencies in the area and I found this site. I started reading the entire website. I could not believe some of the things I had read.

I feel so lucky that i didn't give them my money because my story could be just like the other stories on here. Its very sad that there are people that only want to scam people. Before I wrote this I looked up that photographer as well lets just say creepy!

Again thank you for saving me some money I will be looking for a reputable agency or better yet just save it.

Can you trust anybody these days. I will be telling my friends about this site. Thank you