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I have only skimmed through a few of the blogs posted here, and (aside from the grimaces I bear each time I note a grammatical error [I'm an English teacher]) I do want to express that I have had some difficulty with KSMM as well.
I signed on on Dec 2007 and only received two jobs from the agency. The first was in January 2008, and I only just received payment LAST MONTH... and that was after numerous e-mails and phone calls. That's right: it took KSMM 8 months to pay me $90 from a bridal show.
The second job I worked was in May 2008, and I finally received payment LAST WEEK... I would like to note the improvement in punctuality; this job only took 6 months for payment to be issued.
Please note that the final payment was only received after I began filing a complaint with the BBB. Although Karon appears to be very professional, her agency lacks professionalism. Communication is horrendous, punctuality is non-existent, and the staff is sweet but not very capable. (Secretary Haley is very caring, but her e-mails are grammatically worse than my high school students)
As an educated woman who lived in London studying the industry, I would NOT recommend KSMM to any aspiring talent. I myself have collected my remaining comp cards (that I was sold into getting from Bertone- a poor choice on my behalf) and terminated my contract.


model said...

2 jobs in a year seems fine coming from a worcester agency. i guess it depends how you look.if your a teacher, you might be old, or not have time to model (most modeling gigs/auditions are M-F 8-4)so 2 seems normal

Anonymous said...

Well, how rude was that. If you are a teacher...you might be old. Actually the new 20 is 30 in modeling. There is a huge demand for 30's and 40's models.
What does the location have to do with the jobs? Clients do not care where the agency is located. Only the quality and caliber of the models.

Anonymous said...

Actually John and Karon both said that they were specifically looking for people our age during their weekly cattle call!

Especially in the area of commercials and acting. They said that people in this age bracket are in high demand.

model said...

true but teachers are m-f 8-4. all casting calls i have been on are during the day. print jobs are during the day. modeling isnt a night or weekend job

Anonymous said...
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mwah said...

wow you got to knock down a nice person on grammer? dammm if thats my only fault in life and someone has to blog about it, id say there a bitch.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WHAT????????