For those of you that paid Karon Shea and John Wood $800 read this

Here is another fine example of somone's experience with Karon Shea Model Management .

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "John Wood is active in New Hampshire": All of a sudden Karon is working with Richard Bertone again. Wonder if John is waiting in the wings to mark up the new price that they are offering. Just got an email that they are doing a photoshoot package for $225.Makes you really see just how marked up they were before. $700 dollars for the printing of the cards, I think not. That's outrageous! I guess this blog did just prove the point that John scammed us all out of our money. They all benefited from it and John worked for Karon. Shame on her.I have talked to the state and I was informed that it was illegal what they did. My receipt does not reflect any upcharge for consultation fees. I can go to Boston and dispute this to get my money back. Or I have consulted with a lawyer and we get enough people together we can start a class action suit.I have recently spoken with two other women, one was successful in getting back her money from Karon and the other was not. Why is that? They both had the same complaint as did I.I have tried to copy and paste the new flier that Karon has stating Richards new photo package but I can not get it to copy on here. Too bad because if you clicked on the image of the flier it pulled up a whole bunch of pictures of Karon's promo models at bars, drunk and dancing on tables. Very, very classy!This is not the type of place I thought that it was judging by these pictures so I am glad that since reading this blog I have pulled my daughter out of there. Does Karon teach in LaFemina Modeling School this type of behavior to her students? Seems like the schooling could be another scam and big waste of money! Unless of course you want to be on girls gone wild!My next thought is if Richard Bertone is as great s John plugged him to be, wouldn't he be too busy to do these small photo shoots for chump change? I mean isn't he in demand for Vogue and the Miss Massachusetts Pageant. Isn't he in NY and LA? So how can he do these photo shoots for Karon Shea's Flim-Flam Scam?


Anonymous said...

hey moron! its a starter package...maybe she should have left you details of what it intails... only 3 photos! thats why its cheaper. and as for as photos of people. you have to go on photo bucket to get a code to insert flyers into an email, which i did. those other photos are my personal photos, not models from the agency.

fukyou said...

so whoever the dumbass was....forgot to include what the package was. so let me make it clear . 3 changes , headshot, 3/4 and body.3 images edited. NOT including comp cards printed. im sure this wont be posted tho.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you DON"T post what is sent to you. I sent in one asking why you think this a scam??
And that I had signed up for the three look shoot.
You don't do as you say. And has I read your blog it seems like it there is not the numbers of people out there as you say.

Anonymous said...

OMG!How does Richard Bertone and Karon Shea boosted your career?
KSSM has sent me on go sees. I haven't shot with Richard yet but will. I saw his work, it's great!
ANYONE in this business knows it's a gable!! KSSM is the same as all the rest. Your sent, your seen, and maybe the client picks you. Agents do not!!
Sorry never met this John guy, so can't say anything either way.

PS I check them out, read all your blogs.. You never was in the buzz, RIGHT?

model said...

i think im going to start a blog of websites that feature KSMM models. Ive been on go-see for wicked huge companies in the new area.and who cares if there is no website. one of the best agencies in boston...maggie..doesnt have a website.no one pointed a gun to your head to buy comp cards. look around the prices from other top agencies are in that price range

Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell us which go-sees those are? If they are such major ones. And what new area?

Anonymous said...

Hey hailey, sorry if I offended you. But you want me to believe that this is a starter package, Yet we when we were all starting out, we were told that we needed to go to Richard for 5 outfits and get comp acrds. Now you are saying hey go with 3 outfits and don't worry about comp acrds you can print them yourselves off Agency pro. Well, now I think that you are completely proving our point of we were SUCKERED before by John and Karen.
I fail to see how 2 more outfits and comp cards can total $500 more dollars.
I feel bad for all the people that will go to the photo mill that they will running on the 15th. Get in line to have your fabulous pictures by a Vogue photographer..Ha!

As I said in the first email, your pictures are very classy. As is your language. It seems Karen hired one scam artist before and now she has some classless dimwit running her agency.

Anonymous said...

If people are so knowledgeable about this $225 package. Tell ME the difference in the two. Please include time you'll be shot for, amount of shots that will be taken, location of the shoot, what you get. Please let me know what the $225 covers

Me duh said...

Wow I wish I knew who Anonymous was who directed a comment to me. I am soooo not ashamed of my pictures. Seeing how I DO get modeling jobs.I think my photos are great, and so do the clients who book me based on my comp card. Must just be someone jealous. Id be more than happy to show people my photos, seeing how our models do ask to be friends on facebook and myspace im sure it wont be to hard to stock me. but guess what im so confident in myself I don’t care what ppl think.

Anonymous said...

Can these people read or what? I said that your pictures that were attached to your email were very unflattering. I never said your comp card pictures were. Nor am I jealous. Free work in Pulse magazine doesn't quite count.
If you were confidence in your self and carried yourself with confidence you wouldn't be calling people morons, dumbass or using fukyou.
I can't see how their is much of a difference in the two packages except two outfits and the fact that they will done at Karens agency in the evening. So if you even wanted to go outside as it was implied it will be dark with the time change. So it will be line up every body do their first outfit, okay now everybody change into another one, etc.
Sounds familiar, I went to a hotel open call before for model Link and thats exactly what they did for their photoshoot. And it was the same price. Guess Richard is slumming!
Yet, if you go to Cinderellas agency in NH you will have to do the 5 outfits for $795 with Richard. Which is it? Do you need 3 pictures or 5 for your comp card?

ME said...

im not running the agency. I didn’t attach my own pictures in an email?? Why the hell would I do that? I sent a flyer promoting Richards photo shoot for the models.. and as far as the pulse, we work with them and 2 female models didn’t show up, so I stepped in to help them out...you must stalk me if you knew I did stuff for pulse. and as far as language. im not on the clock, this is ME talking and I dont like you