OK NOW I THINK YOU HAVE GONE OVER THE LINE WITH YOUR OPINION or YOU SAY Someones else's which is with out merit!!
SARA here again, I can not be leave your crap. I shot with him and we did a ton of different looks and yes some that I wanted to do with a few less clothes. Always the pro. I never felt like Richard was anything but a PRO!! I also know many other women that have shoot with Richard and never had a bad word to say. I don't know about this women,but my opinion she crazy.. Richard is married to an model that most us would love to look like. There is no need for him to look at anyone in any other way than as PRO. Even before he was married My girl friend shoot with him VERY PLAYBOY STYLE.( She wanted too.) And told me he was great.
Really you NEED TO GET A LIFE. If your on your horse trying to save all of us from them, way don't you go and see Richard, not just some fake call you said you did. Go see him, talk, see his work. I for one, don't find your crap helpful, just really don't think you know shit. Again as I said in other post, GET A LIFE!!!!I will have my friend comment on this one. PLEASE I don't know why she said that, my guess she wanted to do some nude stuff and he said no....


The Renegade Blogger said...

Hello Sarah,

I will say it again. this last post was not my opinion I received it yesterday and posted it. It came from a woman who had a bad experience with the above 3.

I know you disagree with what is posted and that is your opinion. I am glad you had a positive experience with them. Unfortunately that is not the case WITH MANY OF THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE POSTED. You have to understand not everybody has had the same experience as you had. Just because someone is married does not mean they always act in an ethical manner REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE MARRIED TO.

Bill Clinton was married and look what he did to his wife. I am posting everything I receive. It just seems that bad experience out way the good. If you and your friends like taking semi naked pics with Richard more power to you take off your close and let him snap away.

This woman didn't feel the same way you or your friend do. What some people call art some call sleazy.In your opinion Richard is a stand up guy. In her opinion he acted sleazy. I have no opinion on Richard either way. Again if you feel the money you spend with Richard and John is money well spent excellent; however dont chastise people who have a difference of opinion.

Anonymous said...

Boy for someone who said that they think you spend too much time blogging, this Sara sure is spending an awful lot of time doing the same. Seems shes on here everyday now.
I have no problem saying that I check it out everyday to see if there is something new on here.I don't know why she got onto such a high horse to say that you need to get a life!!!!
I agree with what she has to say that its your choice on whether or not you want to take such pictures and that does not make the photographer a pervert. But there is also no place for photos like on a comp card unless they are swimsuit. so you have to wonder if hes taking photos for your comp card and those can't be used on it, what are they for????

Anonymous said...

Not a model with us. we recieved no complaint.If she is, then she should let us know. KSMM

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Acting /Modeling world, for over 20 plus years. I've work must of the agents here in Boston also NY, LA etc. To be honest, I know Richard for years, he's a fine photographer for one. he works with many of the major companies you see every day in ads. He is above board on how he treats his clients he shoots. I know for a fact that over the years I've know him and the 100's of models he has shoot not one issue. He never has dated or ask out a model and or client. Rules of his..... Don't pull in Mr Bill and compare him to Richard. Richard is above that period! This is the problem of the NET. Say anything and not have proof of it. I don't know this lady, but if you every have been at the studio the first thing he tells you and shows you is his wife the model and then the security cameras to protect him, not them. So I agree with Sara you have no right to post opinions of anyone that you can't back up.
Lies are lies, under opinions or however you what to put it. it's wrong. I'll keep myself anonymous for now... I don't see you really doing anything but spreading bogus opinions.

BTW, why don't look into what it really takes to make it in the modeling world. It the norm for semi nude photos to be take if they want them and yes they will make it onto the comp cards and in there books. Go check out the NYC , LA sites. YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING for a change...

The Renegade Blogger said...

First off thank you again for your post. Please don't assume anything about me on what i know or don't know. This site is posted opinions. In fact I have posted yours just as I have posted postings from others who have also had first hand experience with Richard, John or Karon. Not everybody has the same experience or view points as you do.Actually the definition of a lie is a factual misrepresentation of the truth. Just because you have had positive experiences with the above does not mean that everybody has.

What gives you the right to say that the postings on this blog are bogus, you did not experience what other people have, everyone is entitled to an opinion whether you agree with it or not. I could say the same thing about your opinions but I am not. You are the foremost authority on your opinion, as I am on my opinion and as everybody else who has posted is entitled to theirs. I have been very fair in posting everything from the good to the bad.

I have posted every post that has disagreed with the thoughts and process of this blog. LIKE YOURS! The truth is an absolute defense. Even though I can not prove what you are saying to be the truth, I have to assume that what you are telling me is truthful, just as i assume what others have said to be true as well.

If you can prove to me where and when I have lied in any posting please point that out to me an I will make any retraction or apology as necessary. Until that time I will continue to post what people say and the opinions that they have from whoever decides to post.

Anonymous said...

Well, why doesn't someone show us some of Richards work since he does not have a website it is kind of hard to really know. He could just talk a very convincing talk like John Wood. Why do other major photographers list their clients and also showcase some of their work but not Richard?
Since when did Richard add cameras they were not there last year when I did my shoot. As for the wife they just got married a few months ago so big deal!
I have never hear of Richard doing anything inappropriate to anyone but the whole thing just creeps me out. Its usually the really nice ones, the unassuming ones that we read about later.
I mean really how old is he and how old is his wife? Does everyone REALLY believe that marriage is legit?

6ftblonde said...

I did my shoot june of last year..he had cameras. take it as a compliment if he wants to do Maxim/FHM style shots--your hot! and if you dont want to do it you dont have to..i just did some in my bikini...i was shy..o well I got great stuff

Anonymous said...

You all should be a shamed of yourself. You Mr Blogger and you madam. You both should your opinion and sit on them.
First blogger, if you never met the man why do you have such opinions on him. Because someone that you have not met said so???? What the hell is that!!!!! So he dos not do a web site, or tell the world via web how is his clients... so what!!! I know many photographer with and without websites. And some that do and look so cool really don't know anything.

Now for you madam.. Cameras have been there for three plus years. And if you shot with Richard a year ago how would or why would you know he just got married? And who the HELL ARE YOU TO PAST JUDGMENT ON THEM because of there age. SHAME ON YOU YOU BITTER PERSON. SHAME ON YOU!!! I know them both and you have no right to any opinion with them. Are you married??? So to your shoot how did it go? Show us your photos... If you were so creeped out why didn't you say something or tell someone or call someone then or just get up and leave... But you didn't ,did you? No really tell us/me the details. This type of crap is so JR HIGH. he said -she said. Really call me I'd like to hear the BS. Both of you should just STFU.. Keep your petty opinions to your self. because you both are bitter people. Go get a F***ing life. So if seems I'm pissed, I am. You many not like his style of photography ok that's an opinion, but personal acts on him and now his wife. SHAME!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey blogger...why don't you poll the people that have submitted to you both good and bad of course, and ask them if they were told by Richard that there were cameras or saw any? That would be interesting!

Whats this person getting sooooo upset about, its one persons opinion. But I did notice that earlier on someone wrote in in Richards defense and said that he never did anything inappropriate or ever dated a model or client. HMMMMM!!!!! I am very confused....his wife was one of his models. So, was that before or after her?

I never said that I had done any nude or semi-nude pictures with Ricahrd. Or that I did a photoshoot there a year ago. You are confusing me with another blog. I actually did a shoot with Richard almost 3 years and a half years ago. You need to read it properly. I said this whole thing just creeps me out. I am entitled to my opinion and thats how I feel. I actually thought his pictures were good until I did a photoshoot last week with someone else and they blew his pictures away.
Also, you said to call you but you failed to leave a number and you signed off as anonymous so whats a person to do. Why don't you try being less Jr. High and use some mature language. I find it hard to feel chastised by someone that says SHAME throughout their comment but decides to drop the F bomb.

That still ws not an explanantion for why he has no website. Hes the first one that I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Id like to know these people claim to have been in business for 20 plus years, surly they would have no problem telling us who some of their more famous clients are. I mean why don't they put their money where their mouth is.

The fact is that THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT, Karon is a second rate talent agent, John Wood is a recovering addict who couldn't cut it in LA and Richard is not that great of a photographer either. If he was he would not be wasting time in Hudson.

Think about it people! If these people were more than 2nd rate their offices wouldn't be in what should be condemned buildings. The only way these people have been making money is through selling you expensive photo packages.

This is a shady industry, and more companies than the one mentioned here have been taking advantage of people for years.

Anonymous said...

To the last Winner that posted. You seem to know it all about these people, I take my hat off to you!!
Really what do you know????
So Karen in your opinion is second rate.. So are all the others in the Boston area, they do not stand up to the Biggies, but NO ONE DOES HERE IN THIS AREA. But you got to start somewhere. Richard has a studio in Hudson, ok so what. He also has one in NYC as well. SO WHAT!!! Others have a studio in Beverly, Hull, Boston, Danvers, ETC you get my point WHO CARES. Because they are in warehouses type , but redone offices again who cares, A ton of companies are. They are in NY ,LA ETC all cities that have warehouse turned office parks.... So tell me what you really know or what you think you know. Because as I said before OPINIONS that are telling stories, not an opinion of facts is wrong.
You state it as opinion, but try to put it across as fact.

I have used these folks, and liked them. And there are others that don't like them, ok. So then don't use them, but stop the WITCH HUNT. MAYBE Ill try to look into all your stuff....Let's see what we find and then post an OPINION.

Anonymous said...

Here's the truth:

"Sarah" aka Richard Bertone.. you're a has been. But really I guess you would have to have "been" in order to be a "has been". You're more like a never was. You had a stint with Miss America. That's gone. Now you're sucking peoples' money via John Woods' wenis (which I'm sure you like).

As for your "model" wife. Yeah. A joke. First of all, she's illegal. Her name is Michelle Costa. She's all over Richards' MySpace page which he checks constantly (even during photo shoots). And get this, Michelle, who Richard claims "just adores" him; deleted her page once Richard changed his status to MARRIED. LOL! As you can see now, Michelle is back up and running again. I bet Richard threatened to drop the INS petition for her green card.

She's real classy too. She even threw up all over herself on her birthday. Richards' got the video to prove it.

She's a chaser, a user, and she's got awful breathe. She looks like a giraffe with boobs. She works at the Framingham Mall for some "exclusive" makeup line that Richard hooked her up with. Again, I'm sure it's a joke.

Point is, if Richard was so good, don't you think his wife would have made it by now?

He is too in fact a perv. Every girl that has an okay body just happens to have a picture in the mesh vest that hangs ever so clearly in his office. So original Dick!

Then you got the fact that he has diarrhea of the mouth. He says how he gets into clubs without waiting in line, how he's VIP, how he buys his wife and her friends drinks all night, how he asks them to "pitch in" and they never do (no shit Dick, THEY ARE USING YOU!), my all time favorite was how elaborate their wedding was going to be then got cancelled because he threw a fit about some guy touching Michelle at a club in front of Richard, and it was then reduced to City Hall (I'm sure that was the plan all along).

Oh "Sarah" aka Richard.. you're diluted. Get a grip.