I answered another add on Craigs List for Acting and Modeling

Someone who reads this blog suggested that I check out another agency located in Auburn Mass called Mass Models. So I did and here is what I found out.

I answered an add on Craig's list looking for New Talent. The name of the company is Mass Models. I read the add and called to get an appointment. We set up an appointment to meet on Saturday afternoon. I was expecting another room full of people. To my surprise when I arrived I was the only one there, I thought it was odd. (Remember my most recent experience was with Karon Shea Model Management big cattle call hosted by John Wood) Ken the owner met me and I asked him where everybody was at and did I miss the audition. Ken said no this is how we do things here by appointment only, one on one. Well that was the first big difference I noticed; the actually want to get to know me. We talked for a little more about what I wanted and what I was looking for. Ken told me how they might be able to use me and what the process is for getting work.

Then it came time to talk about pictures, Ken asked me if I had my comp cards I said no. He told me that I would need them done in order to get work. I asked him if I had to use their photographer and he said absolutely not, I can use any photographer I want. I said speaking of photographers I asked him if he had known or could give me any information about Richard Bertone. All Ken would say is that he knew of Richard but kept it at that. Ken did not pressure me at all into signing with them he told me about their fee structure and how they get paid. I did ask Ken that if I choose to use his photographer how much would it cost, he said around 500 dollars. Which sounded very fair to me. He told me to think about it and then get back to him. He also gave me some great pointers and questions to ask when choosing a photographer and gave me pointers on what kind of cards to get.

I then met his wife Tara we spoke briefly, and what I liked about bot of them is that both ken and Tara were honest with me. They said that I could do charicture work but the runway was out of the picture. I said thats ok cause I wanted to do more background work anyway. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. They have only been in business for about 2 years however it is apparent that they actually get their clients work by the pictures on their walls. When I was leaving I asked if they had any information about Karon Shea Model Management and all they said was that Karon Shea was an agent in Worcester.

For the record I booked my appointment under an alias just in case they saw my blog. The differences from Karon Shea - Mass Models was incredible from their offices to their professionalism to their website. I would defiantly do business with Mass Models in the future. I didn't leave there feeling like I needed a shower to wash off all the bullshit that I did when I left KSMM and John Wood.



Anonymous said...

Reading this website made me feel somewhat like a fool because I experienced the exact same thing you have written with Karon, John and Richard. Here's my $0.02.

Karon - never met her. Don't think I ever talked to her. Traded some voice mails and a few e-mails, but that's it.

John - IMO, sleazy. Didn't trust him. Gave his "personal" cell number because people are less likely to "flake out" if they have that contact. Never trusted him. Same story… check the BBB, call around. We did check the BBB – there was nothing really, and checking around resulted in not much.

Richard - seemed like a nice enough guy. Shoot was OK, pictures were OK. Artistically they were nice. Technically, nothing to be amazed with. It sure didn't seem worth $800.

What gets me about this whole thing was the story was the same for everyone... gotta have you as a client... special deal on photos - only $795... never hear from them again. Then the hard sale on the $25/month website came… “you won’t get jobs if you don’t have our website…”

Our shoot took place right away and we were told it would be 6-8 weeks before the comp cards were in. That put us around the holidays. We waited until mid-January and called only to be told (by Karon’s front desk person) that Karon would call back. Karon never called. We called one to two times a week for three weeks. Each time, “Karon would call back.” Then the front desk person (Haley?) said the cards were lost and they’d get back to us.

After two months of this, the next call was simple: “Money back by the end of the week or we go to the AG and the BBB.” That got a call back! We were told the cards had to be reprinted since the wrong name was used on them. We said we didn’t care… it had been six months and we never heard from them so other plans were made. They didn’t deliver in a timely manner, and we want a 100% refund.

Karon initially refused to refund anything, so I filed a report with the BBB and the AG. After a couple of phone calls from each, Karon agreed to pay the whole amount (she initially offered her portion – Richard had to get paid). We said pay all or we take her to small claims court. We paid her $795, so $795 was due back.

She caved and said we would have our money in two weeks. In the meantime, the BBB and the AG called and asked if the matter was finalized. I said no because I didn’t have the check yet. I said if they call back in two weeks and I have the check, I would agree. Since I didn’t trust them to deliver anything I wouldn’t sign off until satisfied.

A week later the check arrived and it cleared!

I should have realized when the contract was a copy of a copy of a copy, missing portions, that this was a bogus setup. Also, when I tried to get information on anyone and there wasn’t much out there it should have been a red flag. We went into it knowing we could lose $800, but fortunately, we did get our money back.

Jeff said...

I answered an ad from CL in Manchester Nh.
It was the Cinderella modeling agency and the guy who called me back was John Wood. Same story, he is just in from LA. after 20 years there and the Boston scene is gonna be huge, I have the look and then it was down to photos.
He just called and I was reading these blogs.
I may call back, but why bother if it's really just a legal way to sell hopes.
Is it the same guy?
Same deal?
It was the same photographer Richard, so I guess so.
Please chime in.

Anonymous said...

I just went to an audition last night with Cinderella Modeling and met someone named John Williams (not sure if this is the same guy), however the story is exactly the same. I filled out the application and was told by John that typically he calls folks back within a week, however the folks that he is really interested in will get a call back the next day. I got the call and was told that I fit the bill they were looking for and that he could get me work almost immediately. All I had to do was to meet with him and and sign a contract, as well as provide 795.00 for pictures/comp cards. He mentioned that comp cards were essential to getting work and that he used a couple of agencies and asked that I look at the following two sites modelmayhem.com/studio8 and myspace.com/8studio8. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I can't believe how similar the posts are to my story.

What is really funny is that he gave the group his "private" cell phone number to call. Seemed kind of strange to go through him and not the agency.

I am going to meet with him next week. Let you all know how it goes.