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Please use the information contained in this blog for information and research regarding Karon Shea Model Management, Richard Berton, and John Wood aka John Williams.

They attempted to scam money from me in my opinion so I choose to write a blog about it. The response has been unbelievable from other people that have also had the same experience as I did. My advise to you is be very Leary when dealing with these individuals or any agency for that matter that wants you to pay them for comp cards, please be very careful when thinking about having someone make you a star!

This blog has saved a lot of people money. This blog is made up of my experience and others. I am not going to tell you what to do put please note THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN AND THAT IS MY OPINION!

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Anonymous said...

Hey have you check out any other agencies?
I have and they,IE: Dynasty in Boston, Mass Models in Auburn and Cinderella in HN. ALL charge the same. They call in a marketing package and the cost is XXX.
There sells people are just that, sells people. Thing cost money, companies are there make money. If your a model or actor you spend money to get images, prints,comp card etc., to sell your self.
No not the only game in town selling the same story.