Buyer Beware

There are other agencies that is correct. I can only verify my experience and share that. I have also shared the experiences of other people that have had experience with John Wood (aka John Williams) Karon Shea and Richard Bertone.

Mine was not an isolated instant many people feel the same. If you have an issue with other agencies then be proactive and tell people.

People need to be informed and also do research on any company that operates in in this industry unfortunately there are too many unscrupulous people acting like agents that ruin it for everybody. Make sure you ask for references of clients don't just go on the word of some one that has a financial interest in making you a star. If they are Leggit this should not be a problem.

I asked John Wood for reference and to see his portfolio and he could not produce one. References should include more than a myspace page and a model repository. Be Leary of any one who states they just came in town. If they are leggit than ask them to prove it. If this becomes an issue move on again this is my opinion

Buyer beware


Chris said...

Have you heard any more about Mass Models? They've been contacting me...and talked about me getting pics done.

Anonymous said...

Nothing Bad to say about them!

Anonymous said...

Same Scam there, just different people involved.