A Love Letter from the bertone fan club

No shes right about a few things,Marc
is a lier.(
I have tried or should I say I have sent him several times this: AND MARC. post it! Or you are the bullshit bolger you seem to be.
Ok who's this fool???
I went to Kssm got what I paid for. Not to happy of not getting much work, but it's a gamble.
But the fool that stated this and I quote:
And if you really did speak to the Miss Mass. Pageant you would have found out that Laurie doesn't answer those questions Anthony does and his exact words were "we did work with Richard Bertone. We would never work with him again. I am not at liberty to say why unless Richard signs a release for us to talk."

If that is true HOW do you know what or why ?

And then this BS!I quote again:
My friends daughter has a picture of herself on her facebook page at 14 with no top on that Richard took. Any minor in a state of undress is illegal. This is not NY. Hello parents wake up! Thank god I have a son but I do feel bad for my friend because she agreed to this because he made it sound like thats what all the models do.

First of all NO parent would allow this! And if it is so the police would have both the photographer and parents in jail. This is utter BS. And you know it. I did not have a problem with Richard nor did that person, whoever posted this has a the problem.
Marc should fact find his blog before allow such BS.
Bloggers have that responsibility to do so. And if you say NO I DON"T your a fool as well and part of the BS problem that the internet brings to all of us.
Marc should if he really wants to stand up and be the model watch dog. Just because this fool sends you a story Marc doesn't make it true. And I know as well as ALL who reads this blog that if any of that was even anywhere near true, DSS, the police and courts is where this would be at, not some blog.
Marc for a while your blog look ok, but now it seems more and more a hate sounding blog of false information.


Sandy said...

Opinions and comments are like assholes everyone has one. It ts very obvious to me that from everything I have read, this blog has hit a nerve with some people. Actually Im glad I found this prior to meeting with Karen and Richard. It made me more a more aware consumer. After I read this blog I still choose to meet with them. I believe that this blog is more accurate than not. The guy running this blog has provided a valuable service informing the community. I found this blog when I googled Karen and Richard. I have to believe that by the nature of some of the comments; this blog has hindered the business practices of the above mentioned. I have also read where this blog has stated several times to use your best judgement. The person that I am commenting to has an opinion and so does the blogger. I find it funny that for the most part noone hase the balls to post their true identy. Needless to say I have passed this blog on to some of my friends to read. Im glad I did not give my money to these guys
Keep up the good work. If more people stood up to shitty service and exposeing possible scams this world would be a much better place and that my opinion

Anonymous said...

Lady don't blame any one but your self. Your the one that agreed to have your child pose like that. For your info that is how models shoot. Its edgy and raw. If you didt want that then you should have said no. Blame yourself.I worked with Richard a couple of times and he is one of the most gifted people I worked with. Don't bash his work cause you let your child take racer pics then she should of.

Anonymous said...

You say what you want. Since you only put the bad comments up I am not gonna let you sit back and bash my friends work with your bullshit. Whats the matter mark no love letters for you???

Anonymous said...

glad I saw this...wont be dealing with this agency nor the daughters dance studio...so crooked!