Common Modeling Scams

Model Agency Scams - The Photographer Scam
This is another very common scam that a lot of my friends have complained about. This scam works like this. You are
told that you have been 'selected' to join a model agency. You are then told that you'll need a portfolio of decent quality
and you are given the name of a photographer who you are required to go to ' because the agency can be sure of his
quality'. So where's the scam there..sounds reasonable enough? Well what you don't know is that the agency and the
photographer are splitting the fees, and the fees themselves are considerably higher than they should be. Remember, a
model agency should never charge you advertising fees. If you need professional photos for a portfolio, then go to an
independent photographer and always pay him directly. If your agency insists that you go to a particular photographer as
a condition of joining, then as far as I'm concerned, you are being scammed
Talent Agency Scams - The Modeling Convention Scam
So you've joined an agency, and your agent advises you to go to a modeling convention. Once again, sounds like a good
idea Well maybe until you see the cost of these modeling conventions. And then you think of the reasoning. Why did my
agent suggest I go on a modeling convention to further my career, and increase my exposure. Isn't that what he's
supposed to be doing? The truth is, that some unscrupulous agents receive a commission for anyone they persuade to
go on this convention. If you're pressured this way , get a new agency.
Well there are just a few of the most common modeling scams.


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