Karon Shea is not operating a Licensed Agency!

Karon Shea is not a Licensed Agency don't believe me call the state of mass.

From Anoymous

Hi, I posted earlier about the person who went to the BBB and the state but found nothing wrong. I also checked and saw that Karen Shea was not on the state list opf licensed agencies. I couldn't call because Monday was a holiday. I spoke to someone there yesterday and they told me that

Karen is NOT licensed as an agency. She failed to put in the proper paperwork last October so she does NOT have a license to operate in the this state. Nice!

Maybe this is why they are suddenly pushing the ACTORS loft. Can't cut it as an agency so now lets try our scam tactics at acting until someone else catches up with us.


Anonymous said...

Marc, I found your blog to be extremely helpful... I was wondering if you had the form for NH. I feel as though I was scammed by John Wood and Richard Bertone and would like a chance at getting my money back. I wend to Cinderella in Manchester NH but did the shoot in Hudson MA
Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Marc said...

Just so you know I called and warned Cinderella Modeling agency when I found out John Wood was working there, the owner did not care!

I would contact the New Hampshire atorney general. Yes For the record you were the victim of John Wood and Richard Bertone