John Woods Cinderella Modeling Agency Story

John Wood and Richard Bertone have left Massachusetts and are now working with the unsuspecting people of New Hampshire with The Cinderella Modeling Agency located in Manchester New Hampshire.

I answered an ad from CL in Manchester Nh.
It was the Cinderella modeling agency and the guy who called me back was John Wood. Same story, he is just in from LA. after 20 years there and the Boston scene is gonna be huge, I have the look and then it was down to photos.
He just called and I was reading these blogs.
I may call back, but why bother if it's really just a legal way to sell hopes.
Is it the same guy?
Same deal?
It was the same photographer Richard, so I guess so.
Please chime in.


Anonymous said...

I think so. I mean how many are there especially with Richard as photographers. Plus I saw the CL posting and it was the same one that he used to put on CL for Karon Shea's except it used to say that they had clients from all over the world. Otherwise it was identical.

I actually just called the number and a woman answered. I asked for John when she answered and she was dumbfounded that I knew who had posted the ad since it didn't say. Poor woman I feel bad for her because she has no idea what she has gotten herself into with these two. Thats why they are called scammers, always looking for the next scam and fast buck!

Anonymous said...

I hope the owner of The Cinderella Modeling Agency does not get taken advantage of by John Woods scams. It is so obvious that John Wood is a modern day con artist, If he was anything of "Talent Scott" he wouldn't be cruising the malls in search of young talent. John goes where he thinks the money is.

Ask John this if your so good at what you do;I.E turning people into stars who are you associated with, who did you help make a star, who are you responsible for discovering? If you have been doing this for 20 years John you should have a strong resume of clients. Instead you use a pay as you go cell phone, and con people.

Anonymous said...

I Just got scammed by a guy named David Selbst. he claimed to be the owner of Hrt Studios. Several calls were made. He offered me a shoot for 1700. All expenses paid. He would meet with me in my town in a public place first. After about the 4th call, he says that a model had scammed them by saying she wanted to book a shoot and bring 5 of her friends down. Well..she never showed for the shoot. and now his manager needed to collect 50 dollars as a way to ensure i would be coming. The day came for him to show and he never did. but still continued to call and say he was on his way. Text and say "yes" we're still meeting. Short and sweet. Yesterday was that day. Today, he still dickin me around. And he said "after dinner". Only speaking through text messages now. Wont answer a call.

Anonymous said...

I have been speaking to the same David Selbst from hrt studios. He has been controlling, and never wants me to leave the house or go out, saying that he is coming to fly me with him back to Florida. Now says he not only wants to just use me as his model, he likes me as a person. Soon offers me the world, and then begins to say he loves me! This guy just wants to control models for kicks! I think he has a girlfriend or someone at home with him, since he only wants to talk
at certain times of the day. Calls me til 6 am blowing up my phone! Stay clear girls!

Anonymous said...

I was scammed by "David Selbst" too.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for you blog. You just saved me an investment of 795 in comp cards, when I don't even have that money to spend.

Last week I drove all the way up to Manchester to Cinderella Agency to see John (he never gave his last name) with cell phone number starting with 978. I had answered a "CASTING" ad on craigslist...

The ad read:

"We are currently holding open casting calls for feature film to be filmed in the Boston area.

We have over 100 small supporting roles and bit parts and would like to cast
local actors and non-actors.

We are seeking people of all ages, ethnicities, genders.

No acting experience necessary!

Please include the following information:

Phone Number:
Picture if possible

Casting other films as well."

Well, the scam played out almost exactly as already documented. (I wish I had read this earlier or I'd have been spared the hour-plus road trip.) There were only 12 of us there or so, but he said we were lucky because there had just been 500 there the week before. I agree that he was quite charismatic. He talked about how he'd been out in L.A. for 20 years, but now was the place to be. Boston is, as he noted, "Hollywood East". He hates that cold weather here, but this is the place where all the money is. etc. Same spiel as already noted and then some. I won't go through it again. Ultimately, he tells us that he will let each one of us know within the week if he is interested in us. And then he says not to feel bad if we don't hear back at all, but that he only selects those who he knows will be able to work in the film industry. (Note: he never actually tells us which feature films he is casting for.)

Then of course, I heard back from him the right day. It turns out that I have what he's looking for but I must pay 795 to get comp cards... and website is indeed a myspace account for Studio 8. Sketchy. Oh, and he tells me that although Suzette of the Cinderella Agency wanted to charge me 1000 for the comp cards, he is going to offer me the low price of 795... and I need to let him know by that evening if I can pay...

Ah... I could have written more, but the whole things just kind of depresses and angers me. How can his guy be out there still? And what can be done to stop him? I wish I could get in touch with some of the other innocent folk that went to the session. I am worried that they may already be taking the plunge.

Anonymous said...

i don't think it is a scam. I signed up. pictures for 795 is a deal (i researched the cost of pictures first). You need pictures to get started. with any business, you need to invest.

so anyways. i just started and I am getting auditions for jobs.

remember...the acting business is just starting out in new england, and John made it clear that this is what he is trying to do. he picked cinderella because they have a good past reputation. and he is trying to establish cinderella ahead of the game before the rest of the agencies come to new england.

I think its worth a shot. if you are just scared to try, then don't. but don't call it a scam.

Anonymous said...

Suzette Paradise at Cinderella was well aware that John Wood was advertising lies saying he had casting jobs and saying he only accepted a few people to work, etc. She earned money on the photo shoots and found candidates to sell her classes to. Avoid this agency which stoops so low to participate in deception.

Anonymous said...

They have stooped so low that they are harrassing girls in dating websites as well now is.eep getting messages from the Cinderella one but I am happy I googled this before I even replied !