John Wood Needs to make a living, and needs your money to do it

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Shey D Deal": This is so great that the agency and John Wood are being busted for their scam. John did not "just arrive from LA" - he has been here for a number of years. In addition, beware other non-descript CL postings. For example, I responded to an add that said The Four Seasons Hotel was looking for models for approx. $3500 per shooting day. I thought, great...I'll respond and see what happens. Who should call me today, but John Wood, looking to set up a "private casting" with me tonight. Uh NOPE! Be careful, it looks like John is not spreading out and trying a whole new host of scams. I assume that his new scam is having you come down for a casting call, then telling you he can't submit you for the job unless you get comp cards. Here is a heads up for everyone....the acting industry does NOT use comp cards as the standard! Modeling, yes....Acting, NO! Headshots are still the industry standard for film and television, no matter what John tells you. Ask anyone legit in the industry and they will confirm that.

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