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I received this posting from a person from a talent agency I found it very interesting, on her comments in regards to John Wood. John claims to have 20 years of experience. I'd like to see his resume and talk to some of the people he has worked for.

I have been following this blog and find it very interesting sincce I am a talent manager. I prefer to stay anonymous for business reasons.
After reading this newest blog entry that John Wood has placed on Craigs List, I feel that I need to respond. This whole blog has been created about the fact that John was scamming people while working at Karon Sheas. Now she has apparently fired him and he is still going to continue his scam. Do people not see a connection here to just what Mr. Reece has been trying to warn the public about? Obviously John Wood and Richard Bertone are looking to cash in on the unsuspecting.
In reading his ad I have to say that it sounds really good and pretty convincing but completely untrue. If you were only going to have headhsots taken I would say yes, go ahead. But they are marketing composite cards. Noone should make their own comp cards before speaking with a talent agent first that plans on representing them. Your talent agent decides where and how you are marketable in the industry and that is what your card needs to reflect. How would John Wood know what your talent agent has in mind for you? I can say that I have seen some cards produced by these two and they are average at best. You do not want average, you want great.

John Wood wrote, "leaving you with a less than satisfactory representation, often at a very high price." Isn't this what he was doing at Karon Sheas. Look at all the complaints from unsatisfied models/actors on the blog.

John wood also wrote, "Our sole business is to create a personal promotional package that will differentiate you from the crowd." I have seen many of their cards and they all look the same. Same boring gray background. JOhn has been fired from 2 agencies maybe people should take notice of that and realize that there is a reoccuring theme...John likes to take peoples money. He is branching out with Richard Bertone because no agency wants to touch either one of them. Their names mean little in this industry.

Any reputable agency, whether big or small, will help and guide you with your pictures to create a card that makes you desirable and marketable in the areas that you are strongest in this industry.
Good luck!

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