My experience with Karon Shey and John Wood at Karon Shey Model Management

So I guess I should explain why I am trying to let public know so furiously about Karen Shay's agency, and John Wood. Here is my experience. I found an add on Craig's List which stated...

International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) is coming from NY to Boston
A few of IMTA discoveries are Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood, and many more,etc, etc, etc. see previous posting for complete entry. So of course I responded, not expecting much...but then it happened, the phone rang and it was John Wood. He asked me if I had a few moments to talk, he stated that I had advantage because of my age; I'm 39. He stated that since the Hollywood Studios were coming to Mass he came from LA 6 months ago to help grow the business out here. He said that for some reason white males in age range were in high demand and was wondering if I would come to a meeting with other men in my age range and meet with him in an informal meeting. He then asked if I could bring a head shot with me. I told him I did not have one and he simply said don't worry there wont be many of you here, I wont forget your face.

Tuesday came and I was so very excited, I was going to meet a real casting director who had a hand in discovering some pretty famous A LIST CELEBRITIES. Could I be the next big break out star, well I would soon find out. As I got closer I checked the address that he had given me 65 Water Street there it was. I arrived, parked my car and looked for the entrance. The building was not what I expected It looks like a run down project that should be condemned. I didn't see a sign for IMTA but I did see a sign that read Karen Shea Model Management. Now I was confused. So Confused I forgot where I was. Thank God I saw someone standing outside, that I could ask for instructions. As I approached him I said "excuse me is this 65 water street" the man replied yes. I said I'm looking for, it was at that moment I forgot who I was there to meet, he said "JOHN WOOD" I said yes, He extended his hand and said "I'm John Wood" we shook hands and he said Ill meet you inside.

This was lie number 1 I thought I was meeting with IMTA, but in reality I was meeting with The Karen Shea Modeling agency. I took a mental note but it really didn't matter at this point I was getting ready to meet with a real live casting agent. TO BE CONTINUED

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Jo said...

I recently replied to an ad on Craiglist to appear in a feature film to be made in MA. John called me from 978-457-1231 so I assume it's the same guy as the number is the same. He asked me to attend an audition tonight (which I thought was a bit weird, I mean why not have them during the day!?) Anyhow needless to say I'll NOT be going! Thank you so much for informing me about this SCAM!
Take care and good luck!
Boston, MA