If your looking for John Wood Read This.

I posted a comment that I received from an anonymous source stating that John Wood was in Ohio. I can not confirm that, that comment could have come in from John himself. If your trying to take John to court, I would also include Cinderella Modeling agency in the suite and subpoena Karon Shea, and Richard Berton. They have personal information regarding John Wood.

I would start by subpoenaing Cinderella's employee information which would include Johns 1099 or w-4. I would also state that the owner of Cinderella Modeling agency was made fully aware by me who John was and what he was about, she did not want to listen. John Woods days are numbered as a so called agent. Hey John if your reading this you ran but can not hide.


Anonymous said...

Karon Shea Model Management was sued for not paying and employee and it lost the case.


wickedsmaaaaat said...

You’re a moron YOU as yourself can’t subpoena someone. Your attorney needs to put it by the judge. Only the judge can subpoena a witness/ documents for a court case. And this crap with john wood wouldn’t go to trial; it would go to small claims court. Not only do I model but I work in the court system. So I’m super all the way around

M said...

Dear idiot,

By law if you bring your case to court and represent yourself, you are acting as your own lawyer. You have the same power as an attorney would. You have to have a case pending to invoke the subpoena privilege. Furthermore I can subpoena anybody or information related to the case, if i was bringing a case against John to court.

Secondly John has a history of screwing people over, He did it in Mass, NH AND Now Ohio

If only one person brought this to court it would probably end up in small claims court; However with the amount of people that this dirt bag screwed over, A class action could be possible and John would probably become somebodies sally.

The reality is that John Wood will probably never see a court room but carma is a mother fucker.

If you worked in the court like you say you do. You would have probably known that.

Marcus Hepburn said...

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Anonymous said...

Today's date is November 18, 2015. I just came across this blog because over the years I google John Wood to see if he is dead yet or in jail. I have his birth date and his social security number if anyone wants it to see if he can be tracked down and arrested. Small claims court maybe, but running a scam across the states is jail time for sure. I'm not sure how to post on this blog other than a comment section, but I would like to get my story out there as well, it's a doozie.... Thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply.