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I received this post today and I would like to personally answer this.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pictures Of John Wood":

wow your a frigging riot!! why don't you post pictures of your self or actually start a business? You cant let it go?

First thank you for reading Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous It does not take any time at all to write a post and even less time to post a comment. This blog will remain up until John Wood a.k.a John Williams is no longer able to make a living doing what he does. I know that this blog has defiantly hindered his ability to make money from unsuspecting clients. I love the fact that people are now able to put a face to a name. What John didn't realize, when he met me that I would actually do research on him and Karon Shea Model Management. He actually thought that I was going to blindly hand him over 800 dollars. NOT!

It amazed me the number of responses I received 2 years ago when I put a simple post on Craig s List just asking for opinions from people that have come in contact or have done business with John Wood, Richard Bertone, or Karon Shea. The responses I received all had a common thread to them; Stay Away! I took those responses and created a blog! Two years latter the blog is still alive and kicking and John's ability to make money is dead if not sucking!

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