John Willams Is actually John Wood

John Williams is AKA John Wood. As a mater of fact you will have exactly what he is looking for, John is going to make you a star!

I just went to an audition last night with Cinderella Modeling and met someone named John Williams (not sure if this is the same guy), however the story is exactly the same. I filled out the application and was told by John that typically he calls folks back within a week, however the folks that he is really interested in will get a call back the next day. I got the call and was told that I fit the bill they were looking for and that he could get me work almost immediately. All I had to do was to meet with him and and sign a contract, as well as provide 795.00 for pictures/comp cards. He mentioned that comp cards were essential to getting work and that he used a couple of agencies and asked that I look at the following two sites modelmayhem.com/studio8 and myspace.com/8studio8. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I can't believe how similar the posts are to my story.

What is really funny is that he gave the group his "private" cell phone number to call. Seemed kind of strange to go through him and not the agency.

I am going to meet with him next week. Let you all know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Do you know if they have committed identity theft with the information provided on the application?

Anonymous said...

John and Richard Berton have been pulling this scam for years. John is a recovering addict that has used the same story line over and over again. He makes his living off of the dreams of the innocent.

It wouldn't surprise me if he has stole peoples personal information, would you expect anything less from a con man.

Anonymous said...

Roger that! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If 978 457 1231 is the cell number he gave you than this is the same John Wood

Anonymous said...

Exact match. What's a girl to do? :)

M said...

It is my Goal to get John put behind bars.