John Wood Still Trying To Get Your Money

Just got this posting today thought you may like to read it

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Hey guys, thanks for all your help, everyone here helped open my eyes. I was looking forward to going to Manchester tomorrow.
I JUST GOT A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER TODAY. A dude named John, just moved from LA all that shit, sounded serious. Thing is i got a real audition to go to in Hanover, MA tomorrow. I just finished wrapping a movie, and a movie called OxyMorons is gonna be filmed soon.
This guy called me today and said all these auditions are coming up and its a first impression thing. What a scammer!!!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone saw But Karon Shea, Bill Shea dn Karon Shea Model Managaement were sued back in April in District Court for Unfair labor Acts. Its public record. I am sure one more person who worked and wasn't paid.

So now, since they ahve lost so much business they are trying to create their own spinoffs. So Hawaiian Tropic is out but have no fear they have created their own spinoff. New England Tropic! And it will be held at none other than their Water St studio. Woohoo! Oh and the IMTA international scouting has started win $1000. Love to see who judges this.


Anonymous said...

John Wood and Richard Bertone are operating out of Cinderella Modeling in Manchester NH.

Cinderella says that they are licensed in nh and ma. But they are not licensed in ma.

Anonymous said...

They are back! John Woods is at it again as the Cinderella Talent Agency, hosting "auditions" on Craig’s List in Manchester NH! I am so glad I researched these frauds before I wasted my time! I had a feeling they were another fraud agency. I use to work for Barbizon Modeling (another fraud modeling agency) left shortly after, I could not lie to those poor kids. Therefore, I can smell these talent agency frauds a mile away, and I had a feeling this Cinderella Agency was just that! Thank you all for sharing your experiences and alerting the public about John Woods, his agency, and the numerous business names and frauds he has created. I am also going to report them on CL.