Karon Shea is now Karon Shea Enterprises.

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Maybe everyone should check out the latest episode of dateline and how they did it on modeling scams and IMTA"s . Quite interesting. Seems all places give the same pitch of how mnay people were called back etc.
Its all bull. If you have the money you can go. Simple as that. None of the big name agencies are there as was quoted on dateline by the owner of Elite himself. Only other small agencies go. One more scam to the susceptible people who want to be famous to think their kids are the best!



Also, Karon Shea is now Karon Shea Enterprises. And Karon is the CEO and president. Have to be incorporated to actually be the president and not the owner. Funny how she just keeps changing the name. Of and the actors loft ids under the Dance Academy not Lafemmina so that they aren't regulated by the state to file academic criteria to the state for approval with a teaching license. One mor sneaky think after another.

It gets better, now you can be taught how to act by the wonderfully talented Christine Agriopoulus(sp. sorry for butchering) It kills me that people that have not actually ever done anything such as her and Anthony Vorres are teaching classes and people are going to pay money for this. Anthony has done ind. films and lived in LA. oooow!!! So have I so I guess I should be teaching. Actually I have done more than him so I guess that I could....hee!hee!

The more I see this the more pissed I get. When are people going to learn.


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This email has been sent by Haley S at Karon Shea Model Management. Please do NOT reply directly to this email, instead email the sender directly at: haley@ksmmonline.com
This is a joke I wouldn't waste a dollar on anything form Karon Shea model management unless it involved running her ass out of town!

Debuting New TV & Radio Broadcasting Course
@ Karon Shea Enterprises- Central Mass Dance Acadmy, Actor’s Loft in Worcester
With Local TV & Radio Celebrity Christina Andrianopoulos
to teach 10-week course which promises to look at
“What really happens On-The-Air and Behind the Scenes”
Worcester MA- Karon Shea Enterprises has launched a new TV & Broadcasting Course in it's popular Actor’s Loft as part of her ongoing continuing education series. The course is taught by local TV & Radio personality, Christina Andrianopoulos, who hosts a popular TV program, City Vibes Metro on CharterTV3 and Co-hosts Dining Out MetroWest on WCRN radio AM830. The 10-week series starts Saturday April 18 from 9:00—10:30am. and promises to address “What really happens on the air and behind the scenes, of radio and tv broadcasting as it relates to better communication skills.” It will be a hands on program that will also feature guest speakers from media and a variety industry sectors. The course takes place at the KSMM Act or’s Loft located on 65 Water St. Loft, Worcester MA., in the fashionable Canal District.
The course not only targets actors and future broadcasters but also focuses on individuals who deal with the public and communication is important to their livelihood and success. Christina Andrianopoulos states, “Many people in the professional and public sector ask, “How can I become a better communicator?” Andrianopoulos continues, “This course promises to address communications especially for public speaking through learning how the broadcasters do it.”
The course will benefit educators, executives, sales professionals, public speakers, actors, media professionals. Participants will get the knowledge needed to navigate the mic and camera to their best potential, learn ho w to think on the spot and come up with a response their audience will be interested in, ultimately learning techniques that will help you become a more compelling speaker on and off air.
Karon Shea, President & CEO of Karon Shea Enterprises comments, “We are thrilled to have Christina teaching in our continuing education series that is offered at our studios. The TV & Radio Broadcasting course should be a great addition to media, educators and other professionals who rely on communications to make their livelihood.” Shea continues, “Especially at this time when all the talent scouts and agents are frequently coming to Worcester and Central Mass seeking talented individuals to be part of their productions.20KSE is here to prepare individuals to be able to compete with the talent that exists in the big cities.”
About Karon Shea Enterprises: Founded by Karon Shea who expanded her Model Management business established over three decades ago to offer dance, acting, continuing education in modeling, acting and ettiquete, and much more. She is a member agent of the International Model and Talent Agency (IMTA) and her models and actors have been on covers of many publications, as well as have appeared on popular tv and film series. Her motto “4-Stages 1 Venue” (say it the way you state it), Karon serves on several boards as well as offers her services pro bono to many not for profits and causes. She has three beautiful daughters who are in the business and two fantastic grandchildren. www.KSMMonline.com Call about the class or for more info 508-755-0662.

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NO WAY..Karon Shea and this Christina A. are the last people I would want to deal with! They are both desperate wannabes. Neither one of them has any type of class or style. In fact I could teach both of them on that.. and as far as this Christina teaching communication skills-AHEM-I'm speechless. Seen her comedy shows-again, speechless..Acting classes-OMG-she is delusional and so very lacking in that area. Please,God help-the poor people who buy into this sham, cos that is all it is...