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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My opinion": Incredible! Since I know Marc personally I can say that he is not unemployed if you were referring to him. Also, it is kind of fun and interesting to see everyday just what you people write. So if Marc is enjoying this, so what!!!! All of you are the ones fueling the fire, not Marc. He felt like he was potentially being set up to get ripped off. So he checked into it and this is the blog came to be. Everyone on here should be thankful that he started this. Hopefully it saved some people from being ripped off in the future by that agency, John Wood or Ricahrd Berone. And if you all ready were scammed, he gave you the tools needed to seek a refund.So, in looking at the people that are writing in calling Marc names, getting so upset that their sentences make absolutely no sense and the spelling leads you to believe its a 6 year old, I would have to say that it must be, John, Karen or Richard. Who else would get so upset by this blog???????For the record, this is the correct spelling of stalker...moron!

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Sounds like John Wood

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